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I Don't Understand. I Think I May Be Psychis Or A Medium?


To preface this story, I have experienced simple precognitions/premonitions of my nieces and nephews while in-utero, and they have turned to be accurate. I suppose in this moment I am still in a state of confusion as I type this, but I need someone to validate what I'm thinking.

A very close friend of mine called me tonight to talk normal chat, as we do so often. As we spoke, she changed the conversation to speak about a handprint that had shown up on her (shall we say,) heinie. Her boyfriend questioned her about it and didn't take her answer but with a grain of salt.

As her close friend she confided in me that if she had cheated, I would know. I agreed, and she went on to explain she had been having multiple experiences similar to this, and she had always had a specific person she thought may be trying to contact her from a spiritual realm. This happens to be someone we both knew, although I have never felt emotionally connected to their relationship, and despite our close friendship, the mourning of this person was not done together, and is not a topic we have typically engaged in.

As she described the handprint, she specifically included that the print was of a thumb and three fingers. I hadn't yet fully engaged in the conversation until she said this. I was just listening as a friend and hearing her out. When she said the three fingers, and then drew attention to the spiritual significance of this - I had a reaction I can not explain. I think everyone has experienced goose bumps from ghost stories - but this was no goosebumps.

My throat felt as if it were closing, and my eyes suddenly welled up. Over the next 45 minutes, she spoke to me all of the experiences she has had since his death, especially those that were recurring. The entire conversation was not alarming, only bits and pieces. Now, I feel strange about the entire thing as in some moments I was literally bawling, although I feel no emotions personally. Its like I was being used to speak to her or to tell her she's right and it is who she thinks.

I feel absolutely insane and I'm still shaken up from the whole thing. Please, someone tell me if I'm crazy. I feel so exhausted and anxious

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LunaStarAngel1016 (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-06)
Hello Chipperfield1, interesting could you provide me with a bit more information, as to whom you believe the spiritual being is, or why he seeks to leave markings on your friend?

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