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I am having anxiety as we speak, and everytime I have to explain what I am going through. I am not sure if I am over exaggerating or if this is me making things up.

Last night I had a dream that I was at some sort of party or get together but I do not remember much of it, just bits and pieces. I only specifically remember the last part of the dream that felt more than real.

I was getting on an elevator with an older man and woman. We were going up to another floor. The older woman stopped me, and immediately formed of smoke or very foggy I could not recognize her. But I could tell she was very old of age with maybe wrinkles in her face.

She and the older man with her, said I could not go with them (her speaking only) because there were spirits STILL attached to me. She grabbed my hand to help me release them. We asked who they were. When she asked questions, she blew wind into my mouth and I felt full of wind. When they answered, heavy wind was released from me through my mouth and my body ascended as this happened.

I could hear her questions in the wind/air and I could hear their responses. They stated they were a man and a little boy. They said I knew who they were. I asked their names and she blew are into me again. They answered the letter C.

I responded with a name Connie and they stated no. Then I stated Connor and the little boy stated yes. I asked where they were and they stated Mexico. (I don't know anyone in mexico) I asked if they were alive or dead, and they could not answer. They were very persistent with saying I KNOW THEM. I began to cry and said I don't know them and I felt sadness because I couldn't help.

I then woke up from my dream when trying to ask more questions.

When I got to work I talked to a coworker about it and she stated she feels the same that maybe someone is trying to send a message. I spoke with another coworker and asked if he had anyone pass that was from Mexico recently with the name C. He said No.

He then stated that he did have a cousin pass away 20 years ago from sickness "or so they say" while he was a teenager named Caesar. He stated he passed near a place where mummies are placed, and they took his body back to Mexico.

I am not sure if this even means anything the fact that something told me to ask him. I also had a dear friend of mine pass away as a teenager from suicide name Corey that it may be. I also have an ex brother in law who passed last or this year name Chris.

I am not sure what this may be or if I am making things up in my mind. But when my aunt and grandmother passed a year ago, I had a photo of them with me in my room, and it always fell face down on the floor. I told my mom something was wrong because it wouldn't stay. My aunt then passed.

I placed the picture back in the same place on my bookshelf. And it started to fall again. My grandmother then passed. I removed the picture from my bookshelf in fear for my mother and myself.

I had a dream my great grandmother was in a hospital and she grabbed my hand and said she was tired and she passed away. She was later admitted to her hospital for cancer. I refused to see her in fear of that moment happening. We received a call from her nurse that she was saying she was tired and was ready to leave.

The day they said she was going to pass away she lost all sight. I stood in front of her bed while she sat straight up in pain and it looked as if she was staring right at me. I sat down assuming she was not looking at me and her position changed to where I was. Like she was waiting for me. She passed the next day.

I have visions when I day dream or feelings and I always ask that someone is contacted to make sure they are ok. I am not sure if this is something, or myself making things up in my mind.

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kurokitsune (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-05)
Your psychic in way... Its not a made up thing or just a dream but human beings do not always understand or recognize when someone is speaking to them from another world... The people were not being right by holding back communication with you but the person you are looking for is most likely someone who is and has been dead... Someone from your past you no longer remember...

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