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There is something that almost makes me feel safe. I had a dream years ago about an angel. I woke up and I knew to look up angel's names that started with an 'E'. So I did, and I found Eremiel or Jeramiel. A watcher. I wondered if that was my guardian Angel since in my dream I had been crying in an old house that I lived in while there was a cluster of black shadows tormenting me. This man showed up with bright blue eyes, and took my hand to stand me up. He asked me 'What scares you?' and I pointed to the black shadows. He looked at them and made a motion with his hand, making them disappear. He walked me out of that house to where I currently lived, walking outside. We talked but he got a call and had to leave immediately, then he was gone.

I've tried contacting him, but maybe he's just so busy?

If it's actually my guardian angel, and if it's actually him from the book of Enoch, then does that mean he also had affairs with women like it says in the Book of Enoch? I want to ask him, and each time I try I can't seem to get to him. Could there be something keeping him away? I feel like something has attached itself to me. I've had multiple dreams of it coming and doing rather inappropriate things to me. I can't ever see it, because it's so dark. It's tall, a male too. I don't know what to do about it. Or is the tall black thing him?

Will someone give me some advice on how to contact my guardian angel?

Maybe, if I can get to him, he will be able to protect me from this black thing if it's not him.

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gthlvrmx (64 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-07)
Hi AngelOfToday,

Here is is a webpage with 2 links that might be helpful:

Everyone has at least 1 guardian angel behind their right shoulder that is an Archangel Michael angel. You can call him "Michael" if you want and they will respond to that name, or any name you choose to give them really. They don't mind, they are there to help. Look through the webpage links I gave you to go through and find the the Michael Invocations and try them out and the White Light Shields as well. The invocations are a request to your guardian angel (who is Archangel Michael) to get rid of any negative entities that may be attached to your energy or the energy of any place you mention like your home or workplace. Things that can be removed or crossed over to Heaven by your guardian angel include ghosts as well. If you have any questions, I recommend you send an email to the angel lady-Ama Nazra. I hope that helps.
Pennies4U (46 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-07)
A guardian angel or protector are present 24/7. Normally when we. Create a sacred space in meditation we are able to clear our emotions and quiet the chatter of our mind. Each guardian is unique in communication. It is not telepathy from you to the guardian. Most find they are subtle hints or cues. So you would learn to read the signs or impressions. Signs like feathers crossing your path when you need assurance etc.

Please bear in mind we make our own
Choices. If we listen to our own
Intuition or our Higher self.
Then your guardian (aka Angel). Will do their job. They do not do
Things to hurt us.

Google Incubus-Wikipedia.

Re the book of Enoch the Angels matted with woman before the flood. It was a different dispensation.

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