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Angels And God Speak To Me/visions Of Heaven


I am delighted to tell you my story. As early as I can remember I can recall dreaming of Heaven. I would visit sacred Temples, and the Hall of Wisdom, and The Book of Life and I would dream of Heaven every night. I have always been clairvoyant, and known things without having anyone tell me which is called being claircogniziant. Then I started seeing deceased loved ones, and they would bug me until I went to their loved ones and passed the message they wanted to give. I did read Tarot Cards from age 11 to recently, but I stopped, and that is because I no longer need them. At Age 12 Angels and God spoke to me and told me I was chosen, but I didn't know for what. I have always known there are different dimensions, and other worlds, and the Universe is infinite, and that the Loving Universe is indeed Father God's actual essence, which is Divine, Unconditional, perfect love that anyone can tap into if they remove their inhibitions, and open their hearts to God's love. Two years ago I felt a an abundance love enveloping, and consuming me and a voice spoke through me, They announced that They were the Angels of the 7 th level, and that I was actually an angel incarnate too. Up until then I thought of Angels only as God's army of messengers, and didn't have free-will, but nevertheless, I was a Virtue, and I am known as a Missionary Angel. I was told that I must be a vessel for God's love, and not to sound conceited, but that I was chosen because I have a pure heart and pure soul. I was always able to read people's souls, thoughts, feelings, but I would block this information as it was none of my business, but then this did indeed make sense. Then now I have been getting this thirst for spiritual Knowledge and studied many of the great Law of Attraction, Manifesting Books such as The Teachings of Abraham-Hicks authors, and the Secret "Rhonda Byrnes" Books. All of a sudden I felt a great urge to write, so I started writing journals, and I would put my pen to the notebook paper and the Angels would pour forth information, and told me something important is about to happen. I am learning to channel, and let go and allow them to take over, because they are pure loving Angels sent by God. I am told I am meant to write a book, and many of the questions that burned inside of me are about to be answered. I know that we all came here to manifest, grow spiritually, and that free will was given so that we could develop our own preferences, and individuality with each reincarnation. This is my last reincarnation. I have been doing automatic writing everyday, and a lot is to do with answering my prayers. When I was 16 my Guardian Angel who is Serena and (Raziel who recently introduced himself to me), that a miracle would happen. I am still waiting for that miracle. It is truly a miracle that I am still alive, however that is another story for another time. We are always manifesting, and we chose our lives, and life purpose to work on so we could spiritually grow and adapt to more inspiration, and co-create as the Loving Universe knows no boundaries no end, no beginning always was, as such as our Creator, God himself always was. Heaven/The Other side is our home, and we do not sit on fluffy clouds playing the harp. Even over there we are constantly expanding our horizons and consciousness, as God intends us to do. I am looking for someone to help me harness my abilities, as well as get clarity on what God and the Angels want me to write about.

God/Loving Universe/Angel Blessings to You,

Jenelle Ann

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Jas (3 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-22)
What a wonderful story. I'm so glad I found it. I too have had a few encounters with Archangel Michael. But when he comes to me he can't stay for long. He just comes and checks up on me, or helps me fight off demons that come to me when I sleep. I've been asking God for some clarity. I've had this dream of war where I'm fighting along side Michael and other angels. At the time I didn't know who he was. I soon came to find out exactly who he was and my connection to the spiritual world has grown. But I have so many questions with no answers yet.

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