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Consistent Vision


For the last couple years, I have been experiencing this same vision but different bits and pieces. I see these 3 men and 1 woman (her dark hair is slick back into a ponytail) dressed in suits at my front door. They look very official. They show me their badge and demand to come into my house, saying that I need to come with them. They said I have to leave my family and go with them. I see myself in a rush and shoving things in my bag to go. They give me very little information to me when I ask a question on what's going on. The most I've gotten out of them was that they "need help". From what I understand over the years, they are part of the government or some service higher up. They say they need my help and I need to go with them right then and there. The vision seems so urgent. These people bring me to a building with others like me and tell me I will be there for a while. I see a huge circle, men and women of all ages holding hands. And recently the past couple weeks, I have been hearing at random times "they are coming". And I don't get much information, I don't know who is coming, when "they" are coming or where they will be coming. And I just wonder if these two things have to do with each other. Or if this signifies something that will happen in our society? I'm just really confuse why I keep getting this vision and the saying, randomly I will be triggered and receive it. I did receive the vision a couple days ago, so id figured I'd ask. If anybody understands what is going on or can interpret this, please let me know! It would be greatly appreciated:))

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