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I Had A Strange Experience With (maybe) The Elements


Today I was in the shower and I was bathing with cold water. I went to turn it off and the handle of the shower suddenly had haze appearing and became really cold. I thought maybe it was because the geyser was on and ignored it. Later I touched the handle of door, again metal, and it too became cold. I touched the mirror and it had a fog like haze appearing around it. What does this mean? It has never happened before. Before I supposedly controlled wind. I was opening a door and it opened itself while the room was empty. I could push curtains away without touching them. I could remain warm in winters with just a simple t-shirt. I ignored these things and didn't pay much attention. Now I want to learn how to extend my control over whichever element this is. How can I have greater control over the elements and which element is this that I am controlling. I do regular meditation before I knew about this. Will that help too. Is there a chant or something that I have to say. If someone has had similar experiences please please tell me. I am 14 and confused. My friend knows about it and we thought it's just a cool trick. He can't do any such things so why can I. I am writing this before searching more about it so please don't tell to read in the comments. Also yes, in India there is a lot of smog nowadays. I am unaffected and can see clearly through it while my family can't and everyone in my family gets choking sensation in smog while I remain unaffected. Please tell me why is this happening.

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