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My Eyes Burn All The Time


I was just hoping to get some clarity on this because I can't find any direct answers on the internet. Ever since my clairvoyant abilities started to flare up the beginning of this year, I've noticed that my eyes consistently feel dry and feel like they're burning, which ends up making me feel really tired. For more context, I'm able to see subtle vibrations and energy waves/spirals in the air and all around me, if I concentrate on someone I can start to see their aura and I often can see my aura (which is always bright yellow) flowing out and touching everything around me. I am constantly seeing sparkles, shimmers, and flashes of light in the air, particularly in the daytime sky. I will also frequently see orbs and masses of energy float by me, which is always accompanied with high-pitched ringing and whirling vibration sensations around my ears. When I specifically focus and stare at these things, my eyes will often begin to burn and start to water, which is kind of understandable because I'm not blinking very much. But why do they continue to feel irritated throughout most of the day? And just to clarify, dry eyes/allergies never used to be a problem for me, it's only been within the past few months. The burning sensations aren't anything too bad and always subside a bit after some eyedrops, but if anyone knows the specific reason for this or knows what I can do to help it I'd really appreciate it. Of course, meditation does relieve it, but I can't meditate the entire day. If anyone actually took time to read this, thank you!

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Ant1219 (1 posts)
17 hours ago (2022-01-16)
Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the exact same thing is happening to me. All of it! If you figured out why it happens, I would love to know.

robmkivseries70 (55 posts)
2 months ago (2021-11-18)
[at] highluvlight
Just to be sure, get a check up at your Eye Dr. And rule out any physiological causes.

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