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Woken By Voices And Seeing Grim Reaper At Different Times


new member here,

Don't know where else to turn to with this sort of thing incase I'm branded as being crazy and not fit to look after my children. I have suffered with bad depression over in my early 20s but seem to be great at the moment so I would say this was out of the occasion.

I have been told of physics before that I do have some sort of power to practice but I have no idea where you would begin, I have many memories from my childhood of seeing spirts but never in my adult days. I'm 27 years old

Recently a couple of weeks ago I was woken up from my sleep with a cold air blowing in my face and as I woke up with a fright and I saw like a bright light shinning on my

Bedroom wall as I sat up confused and looked at it better. I saw clear as day the grim reaper shadow in the middle like a shadow from a touch shinning from behind me as I looked opposite direction the door was closed and no light was on when I looked back the wall was pitch black again, then today I was having a nap on the couch when I was woken by a womens voice saying get up someone is coming to the door witch made me bounce to my feet as I was home alone, few seconds later my door bell went and it was my daughter coming home from her dad's, just wondered if anyone has experienced anything like this or I'm I going out of my mind, thanks in advance to any comments very new to this and need some advice as from a very young age my family has looked at me as if I am crazy when I speak of any feelings, seeings or hearing things. I hope this story makes sense as I am not very great at English.

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johnfly (25 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-09)
Hi [at] Chelskx

Interesting experience.

I have multiple questions I'd like to ask:

When you saw this grim reaper shadow, were there any distinct features that were visible which are generally associated with the grim reaper or was it a black shadow figure or other?

Also, when you saw that shadow did you get a bad sensation, feel as though the energy around you becomes heavier and/or did you feel scared? Did you feel a presence along with it?

Were there any physical symptoms upon waking up such as scratches on your body?

Did you also feel/sense anything energetically or feel/sense the presence of another being when you heard that voice?

Also with the woman's voice - was it like someone was talking directly into your ears loud and clear?

Thank you

Johnathon Fly

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