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Sprit Guides And Unknown Spirts


I believe I had the gift of seeing spirts my entire life. I recently saw my great great grandmother, great grandmother, and grandma so that's 3 generations from my mothers side. I'm told they're my protectors and they control who I'm able to communicate with spiritually. How do I know who my spirt guide is? So many spirts come to me to try and help me out with a situation, some I know but a majority of the time I have no idea who they are and why they come to me. I'm so lost in regards to my abilities. I walk into my living room and it's like a waiting room for spirits that want to connect with me. I see them sitting on my couch, standing around, sitting at the kitchen table. I have know idea how to help them. I have so many experiences with the spirt world. I would love some insight, and maybe advice on how I can help. I will be sharing my experiences on here, for now this is what I'm going to start with. I need to reach out to others who are just like me and won't think I'm crazy. One day soon I hope to help others with this gift that god has given me. Its always comforting to hear others experiences as well. I'm also an empath, I'm wondering if spirts can affect my moods or is it just the living? I'm getting a little off topic there is just so much spiritually that I don\'t understand. I'm sorry about all the rambling 😊. This needs to be 1500 words I promise in future post, there will be less rambling and more interesting experiences that I've had with the spirt world. I look forward to any advice.

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layschips98 (21 posts)
3 years ago (2020-12-08)
They can't enter your house if you have boundaries. You should ask them they may wait outside to be let in if they need your help. Only reason spirits could be waiting for u is yes if you're a medium and can help them transition or cross over into the light. If your grandparents showed themselves to you perhaps they should also be made guardians of who should be let in as well. Every medium should have a gatekeeper of who should be let in. Get some training you have a lot of abilities.
Lyro (468 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-12)
For me I mostly see flashes, orbs passing by. I've also double checked when I've see a flash getting it on camera to confirm something was there. They've followed me, landed on me and just wanted to be near me. In contrast, they stayed away from my mother. They liked my curtains in my room, but when she went to them they all left, she left and they would come back. So they stayed away from her, but would come and land on me. Most of the time it's just the flashes, a couple times I've seen full form but it's typically when I'm in a really tired state where the line between their world and ours blurs, or of course out of the corner of your eyes. I'd rather see full forms than to get flashes around the room all the time, gets really annoying.
~ Lyro
stefaniechamo (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-21)
I used to see spirits when I was younger, now I can hear them from time to time or get messages telepathically. I do believe "spirits" can influence your thoughts, and emotions because in the end everything is energy, we are energy so just like how others can try to put thoughts, ideas and feeling into your space so can you. A person who has trained to be unattached to thoughts and emotions has a stronger protection. Buddhist monks train like that. You must be very young to still be experiencing this, probably teen or preteen maybe? My gift kind of went to sleep during my teenage years.
I've had experiences (that I have recorded) where I would start singing a song i've never heard before, and I would play back the recording and right before I started signing you can hear the voice of a girl singing the exact tune and melody.
I remember waking up one morning with eyes still closed and all of a sudden it feels like my ears are being covered by large headphones because the sound changes and all of a sudden I start to hear a old woman's voice speak in spanish say "aw look at her sleeping..." my family is latino, but not sure who the grandma was.
I have a lot of stories lol
If you want someone to talk to let me know:)
Bluelake (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-02-19)
Hi, where can we contact eachother? I'd like to ask you a few ques.

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