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Are My Guides Reaching Out To Me?


I am 23, almost 24 (female) and I wanted to share an experience that I have been having lately. This past year has been very hard for me. I have had bad depression and health issues and I also left a religion I grew up in and have just been feeling lost. I grew up LDS (Latter Day Saint or Mormon) and last year I found out that it was all a lie and now I am struggling with what I believe. I have always been sensitive to spirits and feel that there is an afterlife, however, my husband is very skeptical. He absolutely supports me and whatever I want to believe in, but he does not believe in the same things I do and it makes me think more critically at times. I think, "Is this really what I am experiencing, or am I just seeing things/what I want to see?". I have had experiences with myself and friends/family where I have connected to loved ones who have passed on, so I feel like those experiences are valid and that this is real. But lately I have been doubting things. I go back and forth all the time with what I believe and I think my Spirit Guides are trying to real me back in. I have been getting a lot of synchronicities and I think I saw one of my guides yesterday. I came home from grocery shopping and I turned around the corner to go to my front door and I saw a woman in white robes with blonde hair for a split second. It was super fast. There she was, then "poof!"--she's gone. But I saw her just long enough to know that she was there. Also, a small synchronicity that happened before this was that the store cashier's name is Stella and I am one of those people who name things and I named my car Stella. I know, kind of dumb, but it stood out to me. Maybe my spirit guide is trying to tell me that they are here and trying to help me? Sometimes I just feel lost with what I should believe now. I grew up in this very Christian culture and then I find out that it was wrong--I don't mean to offend anyone who is Christian or of different faiths, but to me, I felt manipulated and I don't want to fall into that path again. I keep coming back to being psychic because that stuck with me my entire life. Those experiences have always been there, but again, I doubt sometimes. Has anyone had any similar experiences? How do you contact your guides and what could they be trying to tell me?

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Rebel9k (9 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-26)
Etsycat35 hello. I just wanted to say that I am with ThulsaDune on this. I have mormon friends and I have potestant family that claim mormons arent christians. I don't concern myself with religion. Religion was/is a manmade construct to control the masses. (peoples minds) I don't mean that as a strike against those who like conglomerating. God is good and we should rejoice and fellowship is powerful and beautiful. The hidden agendas and deciet in everything leaves the good things fewer and farther between. Its okay for you to question everything. You should rather than take anothers word for it. Weve gotten so used to taking other peoples word for things. I couldn't be convinced at one point in my life. But repeated incidents leave me without a doubt. I'm currently on a mission to seek facts and I have opened up a rabbit hole. Your faith is between God and yourself irrespective of any man or religion or preacher. We have free will and we have the ability to discern. I can't stress enough to sharpen your ability to discern. There is misinformation everywhere and its only going to get worse. I turned away from trying to find the correct religion for this reason. We all have a common goal. That is to reach the top of the mountain. There is more than one side to that mountain and many ways up it. Whos to say which is better or more suitable. Also will God deny a group from one way but not another? Another fact is that most religions are branches that chose to begin their story and following from the main story. Along the way of time we all know that there has been intentional and mistaken interpretations of the word. Many before us have utilized the word and some have manipulated it. Some want to share knowledge and wisdom some prey on peoples fear of God for profit. Preachers deserve to make a living if theyve made it a career. Ill say this. If we have the ability to discern, you better believe our creator does. Our creator will discern where your heart is. One of the best pieces of advice in the bible whether a person knows God or not is you know a tree by the fruit it bears. Words-sword. Figures don't lie and liars don't figure. The english language was made to be manipulated. We are in some strange times. Be aware. Be vigilant.
LSSAH1 (2 stories) (3 posts)
5 years ago (2020-01-07)
Hi,I am an Arizonan as well.:)
Ok,before I say this, I am not a bible thumper or anything. As to your plight, just know that God is there, within you. Not without, in any organized church. I don't mean this rudely either.
When I was but 5 years old, I just knew that God was so close to me. I wasn't aware of Christianity, churches,etc,or anything else yet.But,I knew he was there. And I have known that he has saved my physical life so many times,...I should have been seriously dead,accidents,nearly murdered twice, but nope. I don't know why, but I do know I was saved from death from outside situations, not illness. However, I had three of those illness things too, and made it out alive. Try not to worry about it, just let yourself live, without worry as to what to believe in. It will come. If you find that you are unable to feel for anything organized, no problem,...he's there. I promise.:)
Again,I am not a bible thumper. XD
(I just know what I know,sweety.)
Lyro (468 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-03)
This is why I choose not to label myself under any religion, when I asked I say that I believe in the truth and leave it at that. I don't want to follow any religion, and instead just want to follow what is true. Don't ever feel like you have to follow with someone else, try looking into yourself to find out what is true and then follow that. Beyond that, I can't really tell you what to believe, but I do wish you luck in your quest to find truth.
~ Lyro
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (108 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-18)

Hi again. I was compelled to open this site again quick today.
Don't feel alone, there are many on this site going through the same things. It comes from the fact that society around us is not comfortable with the subject at all. You need to find support where you can get it from those sympathetic to your concerns. There is plenty of good information on this site and others like it. Ultimately though follow your heart.
estycat35 (1 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-18)
ThulsaDune: I understand where you are coming from. I have never played with a Ouija board, and I never want to, but I have seen the darker side of spirit. In Junior High I got involved with demons and ghosts and possession and it showed me that there are real dark entities out there. As for my belief in God, I am really not sure. I do know that there are good and bad or light and dark spirits, and I feel pretty agnostic at this point, like there is something or even multiple Gods out there, but I really do not know. I feel very alone in what I believe or in my gifts and I wish I could make a friend who could teach me more.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (108 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-13)
Hi estycat35,

I am not on here that often unless I am compelled to open this site up again. I have been strongly compelled to come on here again, because of what is going on in the world around us. I am a Christian that walks a very thin line between two worlds. My faith has actually been strengthened because of what I have seen and experienced myself and with others. I have been called to help those who are dealing with the darker parts of the paranormal world. I am constantly battling dark and negative forces and entities. I want you to understand that I know what you are going through. I had a point in my life that I did not know what to believe or think. I came through it because of some very harrowing experiences. Here is some of the things I have learned firsthand through time. Do not believe in what you think are your spirit guides without being very skeptical. If they attempt to contact you directly and tell you things, test them constantly. Too many times they are actually entities trying to deceive you and gain your trust. If you are or were a Christian losing your way you will be targeted and attacked by malevolent forces. This type of an opportunity is just way too tempting for them. They will try to pretend to be something else to win your trust and acceptance, don't be fooled. You might think I am a fanatic or something, but I am not. People are given the gift of free will for a reason. We all are tested all through our life. Our future is dependent on the choices we make. I am not sure what you went through in the past, but just because someone claims to be righteous does not make it true. People have the right to live how they want to live and it is not up to me to tell them how.

I only try to warn and help people to avoid what could harm them in the future. There are things in this realm and in other dimensions that many do not know about or even fathom. I have dealt with and witnessed what others have done in ignorance. They just did not know the dangers that they were causing themselves and others.

A prime example is Ouija boards. Many think that they are harmless play things that are fun to experiment with. I can tell you that what they bring forth is real and dangerous. It isn't the board itself but the interaction of the will of the people playing with it and the device itself interacting together. These things tear a hole or open a portal in the veil put there by GOD to protect us from the other side or dimension. It allows Evil things to be summoned forth into our existence.

Be careful what you are playing with. Things around you will more than likely take a turn for the worse and also affect those around you. I speak from experience, not theory or theology.

It is not like the movies. This stuff has real consequences. I have helped people free themselves from attachments and possessions. I have witnessed unimaginable things in our reality firsthand. These things in real life often cannot be filmed, because any electronic device will have the energy just plain sucked out of it. Brand new fully charged batteries just go dead. Ever seen a 6'4" 350 pound man picked up off of his feet and tossed like a rag doll by some unseen force. That will make you question your belief system real quick. Well my gifts allow me to see and sense that kind of stuff and I don't enjoy it.

I am seeing more and more people in this world cozy up to that kind of stuff when they should be running the other way. Please, Please do not stray from the lord. I understand leaving that particular religion but don't give up your faith. It is a powerful weapon.
jane_centrella (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-06)
Hey there! I also live in Arizona! I think you're right on track, I've done a lot of reading about how we are living in the midst of a spiritual awakening and how many of us souls living here chose to be incarnated for the purpose of raising Earth's vibration. Not everyone will wake up to the truth, but many will, especially with how easily information is shared now. Your spirit guides are urging you to release the fear and worry of letting go of your previous beliefs. Its okay to not understand how this universe works - just know that it works in incredible ways beyond human comprehension... I suggest watching Teal Swam videos on youtube, or reading/watching Dolores Cannon's teachings!:)
Much love.

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