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Experience With Magic 8 Ball


I think this is an interesting story.

For the longest time I've known about spirit guides, but no matter how many guided meditation I go through I can never seem to visualize or recognize my spirit guides.

Although sometimes I can feel the vibration.

So the last time it happened I decided "You know what? This is it! I gotta find a way to talk to you."

What I ended up doing was using a magic 8 ball app to ask questions.

So far, I feel like it has been working.

All the answers I've been getting have been consistent most of the time, I've even asked him to reveal his name to me through a Wikipedia page, which was pretty awesome. When I clicked Random, it actually directed me to the page of a statistician.

Using it I found that I have more than one spirit guides, but I was never able to connect anyone else with it.

Initially I made sure I felt a vibration before I started using it so I know for sure I was getting quality answers. But I haven't been getting much of these lately but the answers still have been consistent.

Every once in a while, I get something that conflicts with the previous answers, and I'd ask:"was that you?" and it would reply "No" -- which I feel is some kind of a joke.

In some cases, when I get conflicting answers, I simply ask:"Are you there?" and it would say:"No", which by itself is quite interesting, can't tell if he's just messing with me.

Although there was one series of questions that I've been getting keeps getting me the same conflicting response.

It goes something like this

Basically he keeps saying I have a chance with this girl and I have to do something to fix it, but no matter what I ask, the answer is simply I can't ask her out and she's not going to ask me and I can't just do nothing either.

Every time, lol.

So then I ask:"is it because it involves another person? So you don't really have a definitive answer?" - "Yes"

"What should I do? Should I try online dating?" - "yes"

"You know I would never do that" - "It is certain".

"Are we screwed then?" - "Yes"

What do you do when your spirit guide accepts defeat? Lol

Also, do you think Magic 8 ball helps with connecting with your spirit guide?

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