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Foul Ball Premonition


I've had many psychic experiences since childhood, some I am sure that saved my life or at best, serious injury. Most of my early experiences were about myself, however, I started to have experiences later that helped others avoid injury.

One summer Saturday, I was put in the right place - right time to prevent serious injury to a young child during baseball season many years ago when I was a baseball coach for one of my children.

I was attending a baseball game and for some reason was on the first base side towards the ball field fence. A feeling came over me and I looked behind me to watch two young boys playing along the fence line. I was in perfect line between the batter and the two boys. I imagined one of the boys getting hit in the head with a line drive and being taken to the hospital, seriously injured.

After analyzing this angle between the hitter and the two children, I started to dismiss this feeling realizing that this was physically impossible. However, this uneasy feeling stuck with me so I continued to monitor the batter.

Then it happened!

A foul ball was hit off the very tip of the bat and being in perfect position, I intercepted the ball as it whizzed by. It was on direct line towards the boys. Many in the crowd said "way to go, dad" and some even gave applause from the grand stands.

After this experience, I found myself in the right place in other situations saving many from serious injury or worse. Quite often I found myself as the first person on accident scenes or in position to prevent an accident.

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