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Unconscious Premonitions?


Two nights in a row I fell asleep, a couple years ago, and I would dream when suddenly everything would fade and my TV would be blue, my back against my wall while I'm sat in my bed and all would be quiet when suddenly something above my TV, which was never there, would fall down onto my TV and my door handle would start rattling like mad as if something wanted in. The first night, I 'woke up' feeling something behind me. But my wall was behind me so I panicked and I put 'woke up' because when everything stopped I was sat in my bed, back against my wall, TV blue and my room was exactly like in my 'dream' except there was no object on or above my TV.

On night 2 it was the same routine. Dream, normal, fade... Waking nightmare. Except this time I was in front of my door and I was TERRIFIED and I don't scare easy. I didn't know if what I could feel behind me was evil or if it was good but once the door handle rattled I just felt a familiar presence. It felt like my granddad and he died 5 years before these two nights, maybe longer but just before I could do anything I 'woke up' but once again everything was like in my 'dream' with my TV blue. I don't know what those were but I haven't had them since and I don't think they're dreams and I don't know if they're premonitions but ever since those two nights I've had this sense of dread and I think of those dreams as a warning of things to come. A time where I will have to make a choice.

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