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Possible Premonitions And Seeing Glitter And Shadows


I'm writing this hoping people might be able to give me an indication or opinion into a few things that have happened to me. I don't even know if they mean I can sense things or that I am sensitive in some way but I would love some advice and guidance from people who have experienced similar things to me before.

The first time I can remember having a sense for something substantial was when my sister was pregnant. I was sitting in the bath and got this overwhelming feeling that I could not picture this baby... I felt a total (what I can only describe) as an empty feeling thinking about it. Try as I did in my mind I could not picture this child. Without going into great detail she went for a scan a few weeks later and the baby had died at 6 weeks a similar time to me having that feeling.

The next time was last year - my Grandma was my biggest support and I had a very very close relationship to her. I cared for her while she was dying of cancer. I was listening to music the week before her funeral and all of a sudden I imagined myself and my family at church - the most important song didn't play and we had to sing it. This was a vivid thought in detail almost like day dreaming. The day of the funeral the important song was going to play at the end and the priest had gotten it mixed up. It was totally the wrong song, we didn't sing it like in my vision but the song never played.

This last time for about two weeks I was followed round by one magpie. I don't have a fear of magpies or anything like that but I knew this meant bad news was coming towards me. I had a solid feeling that someone was going to be ill with Cancer not in my home or my mothers or sisters but immediate family. I specifically said this to my mother at the time. A couple of weeks later my Grandfather found out he had stage 4 rectal cancer and is fighting this now.

I have started seeing pure sparkling glitter in the sky now and again. So vivid I could try to touch it. I also see small floating shadows dancing across my vision. I was in the bath the other night and a coin size floater was floating towards me red on the outside fading into violet in the middle I tried to touch it as it moved. Then it eventually went away.

So I guess I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas?


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