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My Emotions Might Control The Weather And Some Electronics


I really need help figuring all of this out. So my story begins when I liked this guy and basically he did stuff with my bestfriend and I basically got really mad and sad and we were outside and we were talking about it started to rain I was like okay this is Florida it rains a lot and it's bipolar but then they kept talking about it and I got even madder and it rained harder. They kept talking about it and basically I got pist off and the wind started kicking in and it was raining like it was a whole storm, Towels that we're on my table outside went flying and I was just really pist, They managed to calm me down somehow and it stopped raining hard and everytime they talked about it and I got mad it rained again but softly and I was like ok I need to calm down cause this is freaky.

Another thing is electronics I was once at amc about to watch a movie with my friends and I was mad cause my friend kept being a sassy diva like she always is and they were buying their ticket perfectly fine until it got too me The machine shut off and the guy had to restart it three times to get me to buy my ticket Another story about electronics is that I was at magic kingdom and it is really stressful to get out of that park and my family got me mad cause I wanted to hurry up and leave because then traffic would start so basically they were taking pictures and then they invited me and as soon as I got in the picture the battery of the professional camera died My moms like look what you did My family does have a history with supernatural things because basically my family from my dads side astral projects and that's a gift that me and my siblings got from our father me and my sister see ghosts and have experiences with them due to my mothers sideMy brother sees ghosts but me and my sister have more of a spiritual connection to them because my brother doesn't have the same mother as us I am the youngest child and this has never happened to any of my siblings and I don't want to ask my dad or mom or grandparents because I don't want them to think I'm crazy even though we've all have bad supernatural experiences.

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