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I Might Have Seen A Grim Reaper


I come to this website tonight because I've been researching an experience in my past that recently has been coming back into my thoughts. It's no so much troubling to me, rather I'm more curious and would even say I'd like for it to happen again. I'd also like to hear if anyone else in the world has had a similar experience and what happened to them.

Just to give you a little background on myself, I'm a 25 y/o male who has dabbled in shamanism and has been told by most people who seemingly have a connection to the supernatural, otherside or however you come to describe it that I have the qualities of a seer. I'm a lucid dreamer. I don't know my ethnic roots because I'm adopted and I've never met either of my biological parents. I've also had an indisputable experience with telepathy, but that's a story for another day.

I would also like to say that this is a completely true story and I would really like to hear sincere feedback on the questions I'm about to ask even if it is criticism.

The story begins a few years ago. I was 20 y/o and had been going through an exuberant amount of stressful times and sleeping on my friends couch after leaving my parents house because of a dispute. One night, I was texting that friend who I was living with because she had done some LSD and was having a really bad trip. I stayed up really late trying to console her. Just for the record I was completely sober. It was around 3AM in the morning and I was on my phone texting her when all of the sudden I had the deepest primal urge telling me something was watching me. I could not only feel it's presence, but almost like it's eyes were on me. I knew exactly where I needed to look to see where it was. It was almost as if the energy of it was physical and attracting me to look at it.

I'd like to explain how the room was set up just to give whoever is reading this a little bit more insight. If you were standing at the middle of a square room and looking strait at the wall you'd see a TV. Right behind you is the couch I was sleeping on. To the left there was a large living room window where you could see outside. Behind the couch was a stairwell because I was on the second floor apartment. To the right was the hallway that led to the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The space between the couch and the TV was probably about 10-12ft.

With this immediate sense of confusion and a little bit of fear my first instinct was to get up off the couch and investigate what was going on around me, but as I tried to lift my torso up from the couch I noticed (this is the only way I can describe this) that gravity multiplied it's force and I did not have the strength to pick myself up off of the couch. It didn't feel like anything was holding me down, no hands or anything like that. It just felt like gravity became too much for me to move any part of my body without being forced back down. I could only pick myself up an inch or two. With this lack of movement, my only option was to look into the direction of the force I felt looking at me. Turning my head slightly to the left I saw something that will forever be ingrained in my mind.

Right in front of the television I saw a large figure, perfectly in sight with no distortions or anything obstructing my view, standing in place facing me. This entity had long black flowing robes with a purple, red and black almost mist like energy flowing off the end of the robes. To my surprise when I looked at it's face it was almost like I was looking into a void. It had no face or eyes that could even look at me. It was about a foot shorter than the ceiling and easily 4 times the width of my body, so I'd have to guess it was about 8.5-9ft tall. Not only was there this entity standing on the other side of the room just facing my way, but a few feet to the right of it, in the corner of the room, from ceiling to floor there was an elongated oval shaped energy field that was collapsing into itself with that same wispy energy like substance I saw coming off the robes of this figure. It quite literally looked like the center of the eye of Sauron if I were to make a joke about it. I can only describe it as a portal. It went from ceiling to floor. So at this point I'm laying on the couch watching this entity watching me, scared and confused, only for about 10 seconds. After it observed me for that time it simply turned to it's left towards the portal, hovered across the floor without a sound through the portal. Once it went to the other side I watch from both ends of the portal slowly collapse into itself. As soon as the last bit of energy I could see was gone, the force of gravity I talked about earlier stopped and I could move again. I could breath easier again. Everything about the room went back to being normal.

I didn't wake up. I just had kept looking at that spot in the room, wide eyed. I shot up off the couch and jumped at the nearest light to turn it on, trying to figure out what just happened. No one was home with me and I literally felt like I was in shock. I didn't tell anyone about it and it wasn't like I could investigate what just happened. I just accepted it and just texting my friend.

In the moment, looking back at all of this, I never felt any sense of danger. My fear came more from my misunderstanding of what was happening than any feelings I had felt coming from this entity. I would also like to add I was fighting off falling asleep as I'm sure some sceptics will throw out the sleep paralysis theory, but like I mentioned earlier, I was conscious with open eyes watching this happen all in real time. I have never seen this entity again. Typically I have described this entity as looking like a Grim Reaper like figure to the few people I've told about this since then, but it had no scythe. I don't follow any religions and as weird as it sounds don't really have an opinion on the afterlife. I do believe in the multiverse though. I am one to just try to live life to the fullest with the time I do have on this plane of existence.

I've always wondered though about this though. What if I had the strength to get up? Would I have stopped a weird and random hallucination I was having and realized that it was all just something in my mind? If I had gotten to the portal, would I have been able to go through it? Why did it show itself to me? I always think about this when I hear about creepy supernatural stories of people disappearing with no trace. Just maybe, it could have happened to me if things were different.

If you made it to this point, thank you for reading. I'd like to hear from people about what this might mean. I've heard certain lore than reapers show themselves to certain people who will become reapers themselves once their energy moves on from this life. I'm honestly looking forward to hear what anyone has to say, so feel free to leave a comment and chat me up. I'll reply as soon as I have time.

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LightMight (1 stories) (14 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-20)
Hi SavageOwl,

I think your story is very compelling, and eerily similar to a few experiences I've had in regard to seeing large oval portals. Like you, I was awake and fully aware of a being/entity near the area the portals appeared at. Below is a link that you might find interesting:


Personally, my particular experiences with portals/vortexes weren't exactly welcoming feeling. That being said, I've never felt inclined to try and enter one. I had one portal experience that I might write about one day soon, that involved a roommate of mine. Keep us posted if you have more experiences! Meanwhile, follow your gut instincts and stay safe 😉

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