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I Think I Might Have Psychic Abilities Of Some Sort


I'm a young teenager and I think I have some kind of ability. I'm starting to see what I believe are spirits more and more often, and iv'e predicted different things. I'm beginning to look into it, as far as religion and similar things go, iv'e always seen myself aiming towards Atheism as I have never really believed in a higher power. I also have Social Anxiety and Generalized Anxiety Disorder and have always been sensitive to others feelings and energy, which iv'e heard are signs of being an Empath but i'm not too sure. Iv'e used Pendulums and Ouija boards before if that affects anything?

The most bizarre for me is this, my family dog was put to sleep years ago in my arms. At the time I was young and had a gut feeling that she wasn't going to make it, we ended up having to put her down. After that we were left with one dog, I had moved across the country and the other dog stayed with my grandmother. It was years later and one night I had a strange dream of the dog that passed away years ago and the current one I thought was still alive. I was outside my current house and everything felt very real. I walked inside and saw the dog that passed away years ago running toward me from inside the house, she stopped and looked behind her and my grandmothers dog appeared. They ran in front of me and I pet them awhile. The morning after I was told by my grandmother that she had to put her dog down the night before. The dream happened about a year ago. Around the night she was put to sleep I had also randomly thought of her out of no where with an odd feeling.

Recently Iv'e been getting feelings that i'm being watched or somethings in the same room as me, as well as sensing energy. One of my experiences was when I was walking out of my bedroom, I glanced at the kitchen and saw a figure standing in the kitchen. I had assumed it was my mom and said something continuing down the hallway. That was when she came up the steps in front of me, I looked back at the kitchen and saw the same figure sitting in a kitchen chair facing me and it disappeared, it looked like a gray human figure. I shrugged it off as my imagination and didn't say anything. Today I had a bit of a similar experience a few hours ago, I was standing in the bathroom putting my hair back, when I saw a glowing white figure in the doorway, it moved sideways and disappeared behind the door. I wasn't alarmed, or anxious which I usually am after things like that happen. I didn't feel scared, I was almost at peace with it but not completely? It was an odd feeling.

I also had a strange experience a few months ago. I had a dream in which I was in a car, someone jumped in the front seat and started speeding down the road. I remember yelling someones name (of whom I know) and them pulling the person out of the car. The car crashed and we flew out, I saw the guy that had attempted to save me die and I hit the ground after crying. A while later I had learned a family friend was in a car accident with his girlfriend, and she was the only survivor. I'm not sure whether or not these are connected, but I thought i'd share.

I have no idea if I have anything special, and I was nervous to post this. Iv'e had other experiences but these are a few. If anyone can let me know of similar experiences please let me know. Or if you know what may be going on. Thanks.

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robmkivseries70 (1 stories) (57 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-09)
Hi Storm,
Yep, you are psychic, there is no doubt. I suggest a meditation program to help with control and the like. Whilst I am just a satisfied customer, I recommend the "Silva Mind Control" programs. These are available as live seminars or on recordings/ CDs etc. Maybe even used.

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