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I had posted under another name years ago sharing my extensive experiences as well as my many doubts about this subject in general, unfortunately I was unable to retrieve my password so I decided to post again because there has been new developments and I'm hoping to find someone who can help me, provide some advice or explain to me what I've been experiencing lately.

To provide some background on me, I'm in my mid 30's, for most of my life I've experience paranormal events and psychic phenomena, in which many of them were witnessed by other people, including family members and my ability to predict "bad events" even made some of my friends to jokingly say "next time you have a bad feeling, give us a heads up since you always seem to get it right" to another time having gotten one of those bad feelings at work, letting everyone know since they saw I seem upset or deeply concerned about something and of course I was met with ridicule until an hour later when something major definitely happened which made people acknowledge as well as freaked some of them out by realizing my bad feeling/prediction/premonition came true. Something else about me was seeing shadows moving around (my whole family witnessed when I pointed one out, that's for another post) and being able to sense other's emotions (this one can be real annoying).

When I turned 29 I finally being alone for a while relationship wise, I decided once and for all to see if everything in my life was just simply a coincidence or there was truly something more to this world, to this reality than what we've been told so I dedicated the next two years of my life to expand my mind, let's just say that I did learned more about this reality, maybe more than I should had done so, an "spiritual awakening", it brought amazing experiences, some that I cannot even explain and will only live in my mind as memories, others that in my excitement to share my new discoveries/experiences/answers alienated me from close friends who just couldn't understand/accept due to religious reasons or simply logic (for some that had never in their lives experienced anything psychic or paranormal events, the mere subject is considered a joke) these and another let's just say "encounters" got me to the point that it turned me away from this, which is the main reason I had not posted for many years. After walking away from this most of that stopped, of course some of "gifts (if you can call them that being that I cannot control) " and some new ones stuck around, one of them was being able to see auras, well just the outer layer I guess, my spiritual awakening during that time if you can call them that, were experience based, I felt if I research the subject first, I could maybe trick myself into seeing things? (did I mentioned that regardless of my many experiences I had a healthy amount of skepticism about this subject before my spiritual awakening) so my opening my mind I had new discoveries, new experiences, and once confident I was able to recreate them, I searched the subject to learned more about and compare my experiences, anyway several times I could see colors but since I stopped trying all I can see now without trying is like and invisible layer several inches coming from the person, this is the subject I need advise with since I never dug too deep.

As I just mentioned, I'm able to see a clear layer of energy, an aura, yes how can I see it if its clear, I don't know, its a lot easier if the person is situated in front of a solid color wall or if its bright outside, some are lot bigger than others and more visible. So this now being a normal part of my life, a couple of weeks ago I was visiting my sister and I was saying good bye she was sitting in the couch holding her baby, I looked at her and I could see this clear field of energy around her as usual, this time there was something different, I saw something on above her head, something started forming, I had to take a second look since I've never experienced something like that, the more paid attention to it, a square or rectangle started forming, by the way this was also clear like the energy field/aura (I don't know what to call it) and no, I did not see a physical object appear on top of her head, its was like, so hard to explain, something that was there but see-through, barely visible, as I paid more and more attention to this trying to make out what this shape was, this all happened in matter of seconds by the way, my sister yelled " what are you doing to me? It feels your burning a hole in my forehead" She seem physically upset as she said her forehead was vibrating/tingling what was that all about.

So that's what I need advice on, has anyone ever experience something like this or can explain to me what am I seeing?

Hope to hear some feedback and thanks for your time and sorry about the grammar:-)

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Meagan (3 posts)
5 years ago (2017-10-25)
I've been seeing auras for many years, and if I don't practice enough it becomes harder for me to see the auras. So I think practicing would be a good idea, that way you can get back into the rhythm.
As for the invisible square that seems to affect other people, there are a few things as to what that could be. It could be a thought form, which is a thought that you have frequently that becomes more alive. Negative thought forms make people feel down, positive thought forma make people feel positive, and there are also thought forms which people create with a purpose.
The square could also be your energy focusing onto one point when you concentrate. When you concentrate, your energy might go to where your concentrating on. Like when you zone out to everything else when reading a good book or when having an in depth conversation.

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