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Bright Lights (auras?) And Empathy? Help


I don't really know much about this stuff but I would really appreciate help in figuring this out. All my life I have been seeing bright lights and halos around basically everything, especially people and plants. It was hardly noticable for a long time but in recent years it has gotten to the point where I cannot focus on an object for more than 5 seconds or it is enveloped in light. I have been to doctors and they say that nothing is wrong with my eyes, my friend said that maybe some people here could help me.

Also on a separate note, This didn't start happening until I got into highschool (I'm in college now), but I can't go into crowds or areas with a lot of people otherwise I will feel overwhelming wave of emotion and I will almost pass out. I don't have any mental issues and I don't have anxiety about crowds or anything but this is what happens. Since I got into college I will be fine until I get to school and I hit the crowds and but I have days where I just have like a mental wall hit me and I can't think straight and I get really emotional and will straight up almost cry for no reason.

My best friend think that I have something like prophetic capabilities because I have had dreams about people before I met them but I don't know, she also said that she thinks I have visions because I will have flashes of, I guess scenes through other people's point of view, never of myself but she said that was relevant. I just want help trying to figure out what all this is and I hope that one of you can help me.

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Missmusic21 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-30)
I am newly accepting my skills as an empath. I have associations of colors around certain people... Most of the time these auras are just how they are feeling temporarily... Like a mood ring in my head about people. But there are a few times where I have felt intense, visual warning signs about energy or people. I have been in the presence of narcissists and all the walls around me started flashing red. Everything red in the room seemed to be brighter and ringing in my ears.

These warnings are often so intense that my adrenaline spikes and I started going into fight or flight mode.

I have been confused about these experiences because it's so hard to differentiate actual visions between associations of understanding. Maybe they are the same thing... But it makes me feel better that there are others that feel similarly.

What are the best ways to hone this?
SeaRae22 (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-13)
I see the white light bubbles around others if that's what it's like for you. It's like just bright energy or something and when I went to the mall when I was connected to everything it almost felt like I was going to pass out too but I also LOVED the intense energy so I kind of let it flow through me and let it energize me. It was a great feeling when I figured out how to flow with it. Wonder why we see that... Hmm.
texryan67 (1 stories) (39 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-07)
omg I thought that I wasn't the only one who senses too much emotion in big crowds. I have never been to black Friday, nor do I plan to. I'd rather shop after rush hour, like late at night, when only the workers are there. 😁
RosilinaBear (2 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-23)
Thank you so much, both of you, for helping me out. I will definitely be trying those techniques and strengthen myself.
Manuela (guest)
5 years ago (2019-02-22)
Hi RosilinaBear

I also had the same issue regarding other people's energies. Since everything comes from within you can practice not only when you start feeling low among people, but also in your free and alone time just to strengthen yourself more. Always take several deep breaths first. Visualize an energy/energetic shield around you in whatever colour you feel comfortable most (for me it was the golden colour). Imagine that shield around you and how it's protecting you and it's not letting any energies that would affect you negativelly in. Imagine how it's giving you inner strength and how it's fulfilling your entire body. After some time you'll feel free and calm. I would also advise you going to the nature when possible, nature raises the vibration and contributes to the inner protection as well.
Crying is also due to high sensitivity, but as you practice the inner strength method your perspective changes and vice versa - when you change your perspective on looking at things it affects your inner world too. What is important is that you're aware of it and that way you can control it.

Having visions is quite normal. That's the connection we have with our spiritual self. Except for the dreams that come as a result of our subconscious, there are also visions and messages from spirit realm through our dreams. People can have all kinds of abilities, some more developed and some less. It can seem overwhelming at first, but there's nothing to be afraid of. It's a part of you. Explore it, train it in order to find out more about yourself. I agree with what Lyro says on time events. Time is not linear, people only perceive it that way. Imagine a spinning wheel and put all your life events there - everything is happening at the same time.

Regarding the bright lights you see (I suppose you don't see them in colours)...I've read on other people experiences who had the same "issue" that it wasn't comfortable experience for them and mostly they would visit optometrist due to some eye sensitivity or defect. Then again, the ones who can see auras feel it as a comfortable experience. Maybe asking for another dr. Opinion and reading more into experiences of others.
I wish you a safe journey.

Kind regards,
Lyro (468 posts)
5 years ago (2019-02-21)
Empathy is tricky to describe due to it being able to develop in different ways. Often times people who do have these kinds of gifts will become aware of them around Highschool, some later and some early than the norm. Myself, I reawakened around eighteen, and like many others had no idea how I was doing what I was. I started out with Empathy, and it began by just knowing when something was wrong with someone I cared for, even without talking to them. The typical, "how did you know something was wrong" statement. The next person I became connected with was someone I was dating, and it's the first time it developed further. I could feel her emotions, but it had now advanced to feeling physical things as well. One night I had just got out of the shower, went to my room and was still in the process of drying off/changing when suddenly my arm started burning. I remember clearly and messaged her saying my left wrist felt like it was on fire and I didn't know why. She told me she had got her uncles lighter and was burning her wrist with it. She had her own issues but it came with some self harm, and I could feel whenever she did. Yes it was a kind of bad thing, but at the same time I also was there for her whenever she needed me, I could always know when she had, and I even saved her life with being able to feel it. At this point I could feel other peoples emotions, and started to feel what they did physically. The next person I had become connected with again brought a change in what started as normal empathy. With her it's like I unlocked the ability to access all of her senses, not just touch. Now keep in mind this didn't happen all the time, and to make a connection even stronger both parties need to want to have this connection, and it may help if they are the same as you. Either by focusing on her, or random at times, Its like sharing a body with the other person. I could smell what she smelled (examples being right after she took a shower I could smell the shampoo she had just used, and be able to describe what it smelled like back to her), taste what she did like if she were to eat chocolate, and a big one when it comes to what you said was that I was able to see what she did like looking through her eyes. I was laying in bed, closed my eyes, and could clearly see her walking in Walmart, looking at people and items. So what I've concluded is that empathy is a general term for something that can advance and develop further the more you grow. I believe a big part in that is people who have had past lives, myself I bypassed some problems new empaths face such as the empathic overload. When an empath first starts they tend to connect to everyone around them, this leads to feeling way too much from everyone and will eventually burn themselves out. It's why empaths tend to be seen as loners, the simple fact that they can't stay around people too long. It's why the first lesson an empath faces is learning to make connections only with those they want to. Now I can still feel too much from another person, but I don't connect randomly with people I don't already care for. The second thing to work on is controlling your own emotions and recognizing emotions that aren't yours. Look inside yourself and recognize an emotion you are feeling isn't yours, then you'll be able to find where it's coming from. With that comes controlling your own emotions as well. Emotions aren't bad, but spikes of emotions are. You'll need to control your emotions to keep fro having a spike of emotion and energy behind it, the way that I did this was by slipping into what I called neutral mind. It's a state of thinking clearly, but having no emotions, I believe it's also what... Hindu's? Described as Nirvana, the ability to think clearly and enlightened without emotional attachment. I also saw this as a warriors instinct, to push through pain and fear while still making intelligent decisions.

With that being said, visions of the future still isn't out of the question. I've had similar experiences, seeing things either right before they happened, or much further in advanced. Some of which are shared with others, some just by myself. It depends on how you look at time, the same way people can feel something is wrong before it happens. Why this happens is that the event that will happen has in a way already happened. They are moments in time, moments that have happened, and those that will happen. It's hard to describe.

As far as seeing auras, I've only ever seen faint auras around people. I was never one of the big aura people, though I once knew someone who was. I do see orbs/flashes from spirits being around, as well as full figure spirits in the right conditions. Sorry that I can't really help you in that regard.

If you have any more questions, want more clarification on what I said, or just want to chat shoot me an e-mail. It's rare when I come on this site and can't really keep taps on all the comments and will probably miss a reply. I'd also check out other Empathy posts, you're bound to learn a good deal.
~ Lyro

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