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Flute Music Out Of Nowhere And Memory Issues


I have been having issues the past few years with my memory, it feels as though I'm unaware that time is passing and only aware of the moment. I have been forgetting so much of my past, day by day I feel like I've forgotten more and more. I went to doctors and specialists when this started to become a problem but they couldn't find anything wrong with me. I also began having issues with horrendous migraines. Ocular migraines which affect my sight. Also around this time, I started hearing flute music playing, always the same melody. Often late at night when everyone was asleep or I was home alone of just sitting by myself in the backyard or tending to my roses. I would look for the source but never found it. I was looked at for schizophrenia and other things that could cause it but everything came back negative.

I always felt like there was something more to it but recently I was thinking about it and I remembered something I had forgotten, when I was a kid, I went with my best friend in the woods near her house, (her neighbors were 'renovating' the woods near their house to make it more like a garden thing) and we collected plants and dirt and things and then when we got back to her house we put it all in a jar and I told her to keep it in her window seat and I want to say that I said some blurb about or to the jar, now in retrospect, though I am not a witch I do know a little something about witchcraft and that sounds somewhat like a spell or something to me. I have no idea why I did that though, I had no exposure to witchcraft or anything or a semblance to it until years after the fact.

Know whenever I think of or hear the flute music I have this memory again, and I don't know why but it feels significant. I was just wanted to know if this sounded familiar or like something to anyone and if they could maybe give some advice? If not that's cool too, maybe my brains just a little wacky and there is nothing to it but any advice or anything would be greatly appreciated. The memory problems are kind of a pain in my butt.

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David_Pack (6 stories) (12 posts)
2 years ago (2022-11-23)
Spiritual Energy coming down from the God-Head into the planes below creates various tones and melodies. In meditation or contemplation and in quiet times as well we can hear it. Some say it is the Word of God moving into the more denser planes below and can have many different sounds appear.
In waking life I've heard these sounds and since it is an inner and not outer sounds you can't seem to locate the source. The sound of flutes, buzzing of bees as well as the sound of wind blowing when it is not are all many of the sounds of Spirit as it emanates from the God Head on an out going wave and returns on the ingoing wave. It's a beautiful experience really to sit in quiet and listen. Hope this helps.
ufw57 (36 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-20)
I would suggest getting medical help or a doctors prescription to muscle relaxing pills or anti-depresants because I have seen people I went to school with go from minor memory loose to the point that they now need anti-psychotics to chill or be normal again.

And when I ask them how they feel after taking a prescription each day they say the anti-psychotics only help with head aches, anxiety & rapid eye movement, without the pills they can't withstand their bodies both Mental (Psychologically) & Emotional (Physically).

The part about time speeding up is a good thing because you are shading off generational karmar that no longer suits you at this present moment, just don't forget to get a prescription if those migraines/head aches/memory loose get worse or out of control.

Get something that is legal in the eyes of the law or written/prescribed by a doctor.

Because some psychological stress could lead you to deep depression (Dark Night of The Soul) or total loose of control of your Mental body without medical or shamanic assistance.

Also the anti-depresants or muscle relaxants don't lead to addiction like most people believe. It's the user, he/she must be assertive when it comes to taking pills every morning.

They are durn expensive.

Using them wisely will go a long way in his/her life.

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