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The Second Coming Of Christ


I'm grateful I'm a medium and have the ability to write for Holy spirits and famous legends to bring important words to the world from the heavenly realm as God and Jesus and the blessed Mary Magdalene and famous legends I write for know more than human beings. They are everywhere is why, some flying with majestic wings hovering around to see what does not meet the human eye. They've astral projected me and given me remote viewing visions of dangerous treacherous situations harming humans so I could explain it by writing it down for all to know, as heaven knows more than people do on earth therefore I am a Prophetess writer doing theoretical philosopher medium writer work since my vessel was opened up by the Holy spirits who agreed on this in June 2009 and it's open 20 hours a day and closed only for a few hours while I sleep and I speak for they the Holy ones and passed on American Presidents so life shall be saved by a message I received doing an Angel Board in 2005 where I was told " your put on earth to do goodwill and to save the human race" and do this life saving communication medium work ever since then in 2005 as a medium spelling on my Angel Board to an open vessel Prophetess writer to save the human race as the Son of God daughter of the Lord and Gods wife in my first life. Thus, I found out I do this Prophetic work in every life so let it be known I'm a real open vessel medium so lives may be saved. Amen, I'm stopping the antichrist,it's the second coming of Christ.

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ufw57 (39 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-14)
I think Christ is already here. It's just that we can't see HIM. I've always had a feeling since I was a child that HE had done what was ment to be done & WAS given a second life to roam the earth freely before HIS "Big" Return.

Also this RETURN* of HIS will be the kind of a Debriefing staff members have after work. Like a type of judgement before a journey (giving people hope and there peace of mind on what's next to come, Big or Small). NOT who's a Sinners & who are the Well-doers for eternal life is now upon them, Noooo.

His presence won't allow that or for anyone to go "Home/Heven/Eden Of Pure Creation/The First Doors of Existence/Mother's Nest" with Anger Issues or Grudges about what was lost here at the physical plane a long time ago when prayers were heard but nothing ever manifested, I'm talking about this plane we are now (3rd Dimension)... That's just not HIM. HE is the true embodiment of Love & Togetherness.

And before I finish just know that whatever Christ's ✌🏽HOME✌🏽 might be or we will choose to inhabit. I know,WE!...Will...All be Happy♥️FOREVER.

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