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I Became A Medium To Stop Slavery


I was touched by the light in 2002 by my other mother Saint Shirley Mancuso, she said "I will save you and your daughters from Heaven" an angel board reader told me" Shirley has to speak to you she's interrupting my readings" I went to this Psychic and God spoke to me he said " You are put on earth to save humanity and do goodwill" Shirley and my father communicated to me, I got my own angel board it said "you will be the last man standing" in 2007 it spelled " voyerism" stalkers came to our peaceful Spanish hacidenda home, with Oak Trees, my lovely two daughters and our cats, where we heard the Church Bells Ringing from Saint Judes Church, I could see his praying alter with candles lit from my restroom window. I found this to be the most spiritual place in the house and my white candles burned high as they explained to me how they run slavery internationally and I dreamed of a 911 as I have exact premonition dreaming and the Department of Child Family Protective Services took my kids from me for saving them from human sex trafficking, for dreaming of a 911 and that is them and that is the case I have cracked around the world by devoting all my time to psychic readings as a telepathic and medium for God, Jesus, my dad, and Shirley Mancuso, my angel and all from heaven, I am Gods medium, I am a Saint and a Lord, and a son of God, and the la emergncenia angelica.

I began channeling hand writing for Jesus Christ our Lord and he wrote by me " A DCFS case worker is saying she will take Hannah from Ballet class to sex slavery on the redline subway" in Nov 2009 and they made me do a "Psychic eval" for my tip to save my daughters lives. In 2010 I read Senator Nancy Schaffer said they run a chattel slavery auction ring at the Dept of Child Protective Services exactly as I said by hand writing thousands of pages to the President.

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