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Messages In My Dreams?


Iv actually already done multiple storie. I found out

I was pyschic at the age of 13. I can see spirits an feel emotions

I am know as a empath. I am now 20 and my ability is more

Stronger. I have at times where I can prodict what will happen, I can feel the good or bad vibes of a person an be able to avoid certain situations. I came to share my story because I don't know what it means,

I live next door to a funeral home and everytime there's a funeral either the day

Before or after I have dreams about a spirit or they show up to my

Home of course I'm the only one who can see them. I really don't know what they need or why they keep haunting my dreams but I need advice what do I do in these situations? Every night I wake up at 345 am. What message could they be telling me about?I'm use to always seeing spirits, a man in black has already appeared in my living room, iv seen my roommates boyfriends grandpa and a little boy but they have never appeared in my dreams. My dreams at times give me hints of what will happen in certain days, kind of like messages but with all these spirits I don't really have any idea who these people are. Do they want me to send out a message? I still have a slight fear of spirits because at times I have met bad spirits but I can never let myself stay asleep for the whole dream. I'm just a bit tired of all the fear and confusion I have. I just want to know if there's any hidden measage to thhere visit or not. Any ideas will help or advice...

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mazab84 (2 stories) (71 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-21)
Living right next to a funeral home & being a sensitive is kind of like an open door perhaps. They know you can sense them at the very least. My concerns would be for you & how you cope. Are you able to step outside your fear so you can translate a message if there is one to be given. Or perhaps seeing them is the message in its entirety. I know its hard but for all the negative experiences you've had can you think of all the positive ones that out weigh them? Its also open to interpretation. When I recieve downloads from spirit I used to be freaked out until I realised it wasn't bad intent I was feeling. It was frustration with me for not communicating. I eventually plucked up the courage to say,"Yes I see you & I know you want to tell me something but at this moment i'm not able to help so you need to leave."This helped alot. Then with the more stubborn 1's I learnt to stand my ground. I get bombarded as I just step into bed. So that's the reason I give. Now isn't a good time. It sounds so simple but it can work. I hope this is helpful to you & I wish you well with this. I know how difficult it is to have all the questions & very little answers.
Love & Light
Noorh (2 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-19)
maybe they want your help or they want someone to listen to them like a good friend trust you could good non human friends

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