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Hearing white noise every night after 3 pm. Seeing my own self standing behind me. Perfume fragrance awakens me around 5:30 am. After 3 am its impossible to sleep in peace as soon as asleep some noise wakes me up. I am a orthodox Muslim never drink alcohol nor do any smoking. My life is very busy school and work and this problem of not getting good sleep is effecting my nature and studies and social life. Am I schizophrenic or am I being haunted. I can go on and on about seeing my own self though she looks like me I can tell she is not me: (

I also was brutally scammed in business and lost financially and also trusting others became almost nil.

I was praying and listening to Surah Rehman on you tube I almost cried myself to sleep. I saw I am on a high cliff with big white birds flying and I m wearing white dress there is too much breeze all of a sudden I brace myself and watch from the cliff those big white birds flying towards me instead of fearing them. Almost then a bright light emerged from the center of my heart and the whole kingdoms and forest and oceans were flowing through me I saw myself in a very ancient Indian kathak dancer costume I appeared very young maiden and I was dancing in there and then I saw white horses running birds it was so much going on smooth flow, I saw a man with long hair appeared to be from very ancient India playing harmonium in the palace. The kathak dancer that I mentioned above and this man playing music appeared very stressed as if doing it on someone's command but they were very graceful in performance.

This above experience pushed me into questioning my Muslim beliefs as coming from orthodox background and studied in Christian convent school I never believed in reincarnation but all my stubborn blind faith was uprooted from the foundation. Celebrate life. Forgive all and of course yourself. If all accounts are closed we will save ourself from coming back here.

But please someone if you can tell me why am I being haunted every night or have I lost my mind and am I clinging to fear: (

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Raunak (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-04-29)
I don't know what's happening with you but it can be related to you previous life.

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