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Incoming Messages Upon Waking


I have lots of dream experiences in which I receive auditory and textual information, but I thought I'd share my experiences of getting information immediately upon waking.

For all of these experiences, I was fully alert, I usually wake up to full consciousness immediately upon waking. I don't drink or do drugs at all.

Just to quote a few of the voices I have heard upon waking:

"I am in Japan, I learned about you."

"This is Trump. Innocent victim. That's what they do."

"I'm in Ohio."

"I live!"

"His disability was attributed to multiple personalities."

"Very soon."

"I listen to the Occult."

"I never took any interest in that nonsense."


"Dollar rate." (in this case I responded "identify yourself immediately", the response was "detour")

Occasionally I can identify the person who is speaking because I have heard them before. If I can't identify the speaker, I can usually get a sense of who they work for, be it the legislature or the intelligence industry or corporations I have interacted with, or just someone I don't know. Trump is the only person who has ever identified himself by name, before he was elected.

Occasionally the voices sound demonic or non-humam in nature. The "I live!" was probably some kind of computer-generated imitation of a demon, while the "very soon" was definitely non-human and/or demonic, almost like an animal, and immediately preceded at major terrorist attack.

Usually I only hear one sentence, but there have been times when I've listened to multiple incoming messages for several minutes before getting out of bed, although that hasn't occurred in a while.

I get lots of information while I am asleep, but in these cases I am always fully alert. The condition only lasts a few minutes after waking, although I can read what

People are thinking or pretending to think without the audio during the day occasionally.

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mmobile (4 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-30)
A lot of the incoming is hostile, but I'll try. Good advice, thanks
GarrettsMom (3 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-28)
Bring up your positive vibration. You can google how to do this. I think you will get more clarity.

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