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Waking Up On The Ceiling


I have had trouble sleeping for as long as I can remember. I was lucky to be raised by a man who believed me. He was a Pisces with a fish birth mark on his back. He sheltered me from his abilities, and the underneath truth for most of my life. Always sleeping on the floor of my room or what ever was needed to ease my fear and get me to sleep. Until a thunderstorming night in the early 2000's I came to him in the middle of the night unable to sleep for the fear. This night we stayed in his room and he slept on the floor. As I finally drifted to sleep I awoke to a loud crack of thunder and him shaking me awake. He was asking me what have you done we're have u been. Half disoriented I had no clue what he meant or why he was so scared. My whole life he had no fear. Then he explained that he looked up to see if I was asleep so he could then go get in my bed in my room. When he noticed I was not on the bed. He then looked up at the ceiling there I was. Then he grabbed my leg and pulled me back to the bed. That was the first time he prayed to God for help. We never spoke about this again. For eleven years went by after that night my life was normal or at least I thought. Until I walk in on my current boyfriend talking to my ex boyfriend as I entered unnoticed. My ex's says wait until you see her float when she sleeping. My current boyfriend said he had already seen this and it had frightened him. I thought to myself it happened again? They both let me in on the fact that it has been going on at least since 2009 regularly at least once a month if not more. I really was in disbelief total denial. Until shortly after when I woke up and found myself floating to the ceiling I pretended to be asleep out of shear fear. Half way up I felt my legs being opened with pressure to a full split. When I reached the ceiling still pretend sleeping. Trying to stay calm and breath I could hear my boyfriend and are two children snoring. My fear was that one of them would wake up and see. I could feel something let's just say not nice around. Prayer was not an option as I could feel it could hear my thoughts Staying calm knowing that attention and fear we're what it needed. Some how I knew that the morning sun light would be my only saving grace. As the first rays of sun light enter our bedroom. Slowly back down to the bed I went. Control of my legs didn't regain until the room was full of light. I got up acted like it was the best night sleep of my life for I knew its power was in my fear.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-10-26)
If you are genuinely floating, your boyfriend needs to get his cell phone and record it because until you have proof, it will be dismissed as a group hallucinogen. Smart on your part to not allow the fear out knowing "it" would feed on it.

The only floating I have heard of is related to an out of body experience (OBE).

Thanks for sharing and if you get video, post it on youtube and let us know!

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