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Seeing Shadows Of Birds On The Ceiling Above My Bed


I have some very vivid memories from when I was younger (5-7 years old). I lived with my grandparent's in Inyo County, CA at the base of Mt. Whitney. Most nights when I didn't fall immediately to sleep I would see the shadows of birds flying in a circle on the ceiling above my bed. Specifically they would circle on the ceiling directly above my head and it always seemed like they were sprinkling a white something on to me (I always imagined it as being breadcrumbs for some reason).

I was never afraid and thought it was "neat."

This continued while I lived with them and followed me when I moved back in with my parents.

After returning to live with my parents, the visions were fewer in between. I can still see them every now and again, but I have to really focus.

I don't know if it makes any difference, but during the time with my grandparent's and the "birds" I wanted to sneak into there bed to sleep with them because it was so cold. There was a recliner in their room and when I looked at it, there was an old man. I always and still think of him as having the appearance of a Native American, dressed in an old time suit (1800's style) with a top hat made of fur and either a cane or a staff. He sat there and appeared to be looking at me.

As I was about to sprint toward my grandparent's bed, he stood and began to walk toward me. I ran back to my bed and hid under the covers that night. To say the least, I was terrified and I didn't sleep much.

Is there a meaning behind this?

Is/would this have been a psychic phenomenon? Or would it have been more of a spiritual vision?

And like I have said, I can still see the "birds" if I concentrate.

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