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Seeing People When I Close My Eyes


First off, I'm very young and ghosts and stuff creep me out a lot if we're talking real life. Whenever something happens I look it up just to make sure I'm not the only one. Appears that I'm not. When I close my eyes I see people I have never seen before in my life and Its very vivid, to every detail

This also happens in my dreams to when I'll be having full dreams with people I've never met. About an hour ago I was doing online school and I closed my eyes for about 5 seconds and saw a Brown skinned African American man that was at least 19. He was just smiling at me and it looked so real. He had brown eyes and thick eyebrows and I think a flat top

The way I saw it was like a school picture day kind of smile and the way he just sat. The people I see vary from all colors, shapes, and sizes and Its just weird because I don't know these people. One time going to sleep at my Grandpas house I felt like a pull on my leg and No one was even home with me. I dissociate a lot to the point that I don't even know if I'm myself or The people that I'm around and I just end up feeling lost until I get pulled back into reality

Also when I'm on the edge of falling asleep I'll here an unfamiliar voice call my name or see scenes of stuff, places I've never been its like a flash of places and It creeps me out so much I end up staying up all night and I get paranoid. I've never tried to talk to these people or figure out where these places are because I'm too scared. Can somebody help me out?

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ufw57 (39 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-19)
Haha my predictions and readings might shock you!

*First is the one about your third eye and second mouth* both in the brain, you have a unique psychic ability called Acho Location. It's true, me I play video games like strategy and role playing but when I take a brake from the pc and close my eyes for a little bit I see the same character I was using but just random things like shooting the bad guys, I even see myself traveling on roads and I'm like "What!?...were is my life going!?" and then a knowledgeable voice I want to be around whith all day kindly whispers ("IT'S the Game you were driving a truck earlier")

*Second...the shadows are *NOT people or E.ts it's you seeing your movement... MOVEMENTS that you were performing that's in alignment with the Divine Feminine not 'Divine Masculine/Divine Creation"...noo! That former one is real, REAL MAGIC! And I can prove to enyone reading this that God is a woman and she is real... Real like magic/majaik it's just that in the Bible people think she is weak... She doesn't even use Light/Miracles/Prophets, just her mouth... Like "No","You are ugly because___","I like the way you walk that's why I can't buy you a car"...and just like that the dark stars all over the galaxy move for it to happen, if the will can't be done she gets sick... This is why we have Ascension Awakening Symptoms for Light beings and seeds every f month... I can go on... And on.

*Final part/: The black guy was you feeling bored and funny so you started getting tired of schools and bluntly thinking when will online school end and then like shifted your focas (you were cursive here) on fun things to do when the lesson is over and... And the good thing about you is your not alone, even your DNA knew you were a thug at having fun that's why you turned African American😆 (I can't stop laughing😂). Just don't sell things from home next time.

Oh yea before I forget the "School picture day kind of smile and how you sat" is just another prof you use you extra Chakras, this one though is located lower back of the skull called the Dream Well, in Occult books it was supposedly odd and brought bad lack to people and was to be removed but the ancient aliens who were light beings by the way went in and never came back, from a channeling it says "They saw a snake with the head of a human looking at them the whole time". The channelling got dark after their due to lack of proff it's the aliens. In ancient history and archeology they are labled as "Nurses". Divine Nurses with highly evolved surgical equipments for both dimensional practices or creational. So we kind of have a bad omen growing on us psychics without us knowing. Imagine if subtle energys fall there? You will hear voices all day, so be careful and let's hope a Priest will read this and pray for us so that our true fears don't turn into an american horror story, may my imaginary friends have a voice to say No to them when they see things start going left with us in our Spiritual Journey on what and who made whaaat!😂Amen. Sorry I was just happy today.
Milespapa (6 posts)
2 years ago (2022-07-15)
I have them appear during the day, could be doing anything and they'll pop up very clear and I also feel their mood, a lot of them smile at me and I can feel how friendly or happy they are. Sometimes I'll get an a-hole or someone or something that is truly dark, they'll show me horrific scenes and I feel their joy in it, I feel like they try to scare or intimidate me, but from my experience these faces and feelings from people or beings is harmless, just tell the negative ones to f off. The good ones can make me feel better when things are hard. I also had someone pat me on the back and say "it's okay " the other day after a tense situation.
Acesolo (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-27)
I sometimes see faces or objects when laying down to sleep and sometimes even say words or names that I honestly feel must be a true word in some language. It happens without any thought and when it happens I wonder where the hell that just came from. Maybe its just my mind half asleep misfiring or starting to dream, I have no idea but I am a student of neville goddard and believe in his teachings and I do believe remote viewing is possible but I don't try it!
authenticallyV (1 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-13)
Hey rchcannyy!

Similar things have been happening to me like this, consistently for some time now. On the verge of falling asleep I suddenly see flashes of scenes seemingly of someone else's life. It's like I'm dropped into another consciousness. It's interesting because the other people who I do not know in these places I've never been, speak to me sometimes as if they're just continuing a conversation. For example, one memorable experience, I'm walking up to the scene of an accident where there was a minivan with a family standing outside of it, you can tell it had just happened. A man runs up to me and says "finally you came!" and begins to frantically tell me what happened. It was that moment that I realized he must think I'm a cop, I also noticed I was much taller than him. The second I became aware that I wasn't "me", I suddenly woke up. I had drifted off to sleep for not more than a minute in reality.

I really can't explain it but I asked a friend who is very in tune, and she said she doesn't think it's a dream, but some form of "timeline hopping" or "unintentional astral projection". I haven't found much information on either. I'm just relieved that it seems I'm not alone. Thank you for sharing!
GalaxySkull (1 stories) (2 posts)
3 years ago (2021-03-12)
I would say that your seeing people from other worlds. You are very special.
robmkivseries70 (1 stories) (57 posts)
3 years ago (2021-03-09)
Hi rchcannyy,
I have been thinking about how to respond. I get visions sometimes when meditating in the same sort of sense. Just the other night while meditating I was, in the vision, looking out my front window and saw someone out by my car. The person was faced away from me but had a brown coat and stocking cap with red and yellow horizontal stripes. Did it mean anything. IDK! One of the mysteries of seeing things in the minds eye is knowing if those things are really important. Dreams can be a lot like that. I suspect, if it is really important you will know. The pull or jerk whilst falling asleep may be some sort of natural reaction as you transition to sleep. When you sleep your brain essentially paralyzes your body so you don't act out your dreams.

Off in Laredo, TX are the Silva Mind Control people. The reason I bring this up, (I don't work for them BTW) is it sounds like you have talent bubbling to the surface. If you can put some funds together, they offer several home study courses on DVD or for down load. The essence is on helping you get your mind under control so you make the best decisions in using your talent. You seem to be in need of a teacher or some guidance. Choose wisely!

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