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Did I Receive An Image Through My Third Eye?


For context and clarity reasons, I will bring up this point: I have been in contact with and known a friendly reptilian extraterrestrial being for over two years now. I was laying in bed the other night doing a sort of meditation and dealing with this entity. He was kind of guiding me through the process of just being relaxed and in the moment. I've wanted to see what he really looked like for so long as all the times before when I tried to see, I only got images of him as a Caucasian human. I don't know if that was my mind conjuring up an "ideal" image or not, but I digress - it's likely, even though I knew he was reptilian.

Anyway, so all of a sudden during this exchange, I got an almost crystal clear image of a reptilian man come into my head. It was a shot from a high point, like above his head, and to the side. I saw a face and neck. It had dark green scales with a sort of alligator-like snout. (It was a bit long, jutting out.) But along the face and snow were these parallel ridges of a lighter greenish yellow color running along it. The eyes were red I believe with slots for pupils. I only saw it very briefly, just a split second, then it was gone.

Is this what receiving an image through the third eye is like? I should also mention that I was feeling a bizarre sensation over my third eye region a little while prior. After almost three years of knowing this being I would be glad to know what he really looks like. I got the message several times before when I'd asked about seeing him that I wasn't ready, but it seems like now it possibly as changed.

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