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Did I Receive An Image Through My Third Eye?


For context and clarity reasons, I will bring up this point: I have been in contact with and known a friendly reptilian extraterrestrial being for over two years now. I was laying in bed the other night doing a sort of meditation and dealing with this entity. He was kind of guiding me through the process of just being relaxed and in the moment. I've wanted to see what he really looked like for so long as all the times before when I tried to see, I only got images of him as a Caucasian human. I don't know if that was my mind conjuring up an "ideal" image or not, but I digress - it's likely, even though I knew he was reptilian.

Anyway, so all of a sudden during this exchange, I got an almost crystal clear image of a reptilian man come into my head. It was a shot from a high point, like above his head, and to the side. I saw a face and neck. It had dark green scales with a sort of alligator-like snout. (It was a bit long, jutting out.) But along the face and snow were these parallel ridges of a lighter greenish yellow color running along it. The eyes were red I believe with slots for pupils. I only saw it very briefly, just a split second, then it was gone.

Is this what receiving an image through the third eye is like? I should also mention that I was feeling a bizarre sensation over my third eye region a little while prior. After almost three years of knowing this being I would be glad to know what he really looks like. I got the message several times before when I'd asked about seeing him that I wasn't ready, but it seems like now it possibly as changed.

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ufw57 (36 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-16)
I think you just activated you dormant DNA.

The Codes* come in through the third eye. Yes, similarities like yours also happened to me back in 2017 (8) during the 8:8:8 Lions Gate Portal, the last one I know was green satellites opening through my third eye (I don't know if you have seen those). And like big boxes made from blood opening at the base of the spine?

Even me I'm a reptilian. I have a tail too (This a spiritual body btw).

The only thing that made me want to investigate more was that I was a tall white lizard with a tail and two functioning wings! It blew my mind.

So in conclusion those images/visions was you viewing yourself.

Sage120 (1 stories) (2 posts)
2 years ago (2022-08-15)
Happens to me! I get visions and then have tingling third eye sensations as well. I don't know what they are.
Innaana (3 posts)
4 years ago (2020-06-06)
When I close my eyes I always see things. Sometime I also see replian alien. I don't know if they are evil or not but as far as I have read they are evil enteties. They are green like aligator but in human forms... Some night I can't sleep or I can't dream because of thouse images. I also hear them talking but can't remember what they say. In fact not always I see images but I also see them talking and moving is like I am in 2 places in the same time. I think is all about third eye but in fact excist an theory that third eye is evil eye, satanic, demonic. In my life I've had so many spiritual experience seeing flash light like angels and dreams about meeting god and jesus. One night I pray to god to told me about third eye cus I was feeling it so much. It was like a soft preasure on forehead but it didn't hurt as many people say. I just feel it. I had a dream about going in a white tunnel and in the end of tunnel it was 3doors. I open one and then I was face to face with god. In my dream I also feel my third eye. God was big and white light. He had lorg white hair and beard and he was sitting in the throne. He give me a white piece of square paper and told me to put in my third eye. When I put in my forehead my third eye was burning and I stay like that about a minute. Then he told me to put it away. After that I went again in that white tunnel then I wake up. After that day I didn't feelt my third eye again. Now I feel a little preasure sometime but I can't say that I have it open or not. I think GOD heal my third eye that day or thid eye is evil and he close it. But I continue to see images with my eyes close sometime reptilian... I think you sholud pray to get an answare because only god will tell the truth and will guide you. I read your post about meditation, I know that some meditation or hypnosis on youtube are satanic and mind controlling not every information on internet is safe so be carefull. I have meditate about 3 years and I know that the best and safe meditation is prayers. You tell god what is your problems in life, you do graditude for what you have because it is his gift to you, and then you asked for your desires. In bible jesus said, Ask, and it shall be given you!. I also recomand you in the end of the prayers to put as I like to call it the divine seal. The divine seal is the sentence: In the name of Jesus, Amen! Jesus says in the bible "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." He is the only way! So the prayers goes in the right direction. I realllllly recomand you this. Hope you will get an answer! 😊

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