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Eye Contact W The Shower Drain Ft. Thats So Raven & Rainbows


When I was around 7 or so I had just come back from the pool with my uncle. I bathed myself while he waited outside the bathroom. I used to enjoy watching the water drain down, and that day while watching it I saw an eye. It looked at me, looked right, looked left, made eye contact with me again, blinked twice, and disappeared. I called my uncle over, but of course he didn't believe me.

Also for as long as I can remember, I've had this...thing...where its set off by a specific setting, item, food, smell, words exchanged, ANYTHING and from there I just see a super specific sequence of events unfold in my head. And a lot of the times... The events I pictured happening, or at least the beginning part of the sequence of events ACTUALLY happens. Like the person next to me will say what I pictured them saying, or move how I pictured them moving, or something else around me will happen how I saw.

ALSO also, for as long as I can even remember I've seen a strange colorful outline around things that remains for a second or two after I look away. I see it around everything, I've even googled it, and its not like the conditions I've seen where the subject being looked at is darker than the background so it appears that way. No. Its everything, white walls, light against dark, dark against dark, light against light. Its a very vague outline and mostly features purple, blue, and green (and in that order, like purple center then a gradient of blue and green) and at times, pink.

While meditating the other day, I saw something (which I have made into my sigil) and it looked almost exactly like a rune for protection I ended up seeing DAYS later.

Another weird experience I had was when I was completely alone besides laying with my dog, I heard what sounded like an adolescent teenage boy whispering incoherently and a *WOO WOO WOO* over me, like, imagine the SFX of an alien spacecraft hovering and combine it with that and that's about the sound I heard. My things go missing and are put in strange places, or given back to me, and there was a dark hand print on my sock YESTERDAY that wasn't there when I put it on. I'm going to send a drawing of the eye (and its very simple because the eye looked simple very simple. Almost exactly like the eye on a hamsa) and a drawing of my sigil I saw.

SO BASICALLY WHAT IM SAYING: I need help interpreting all of this stuff. I felt crazy, then I was like "oo supernatural stuff?", but then I doubted myself again because of the influences of the *oh so open minded* world. I just turned 18 6 months ago ("just" haha) so I am a wee baby when it comes to this. I've been kind of into witchcraft since I was 13 (and it took me a long long time to accept that term because of the FALSE negative stigmas surrounding it) and I've immersed myself in it a lot more recently since I have a lot more resources now. So. PLEASE SHARE ANY AND ALL KNOWLEDGE WITH ME and thank you so so much for taking the time to read this

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