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Anxiety Or Psychic? You Decide


I'm not exactly sure what to make of my experience, nor do I know when they actually started. I tried to look up what it could possibly be, but the answer always seems to say anxiety. I don't think that is it.

The first experience that I can remember was high school, sophomore year, I started dating this guy. Everything was great for a week, then suddenly I just got this feeling in my stomach. I didn't want to eat anything. I wasn't thirsty. It was like this weird guy feeling that happened randomly in class. By the time 4:00 pm came around, the guy just broke up with me out of nowhere.

I've had plenty of other experiences similar to this. This time I was dating a guy. At this point its already been about 6 months. The guy was horrible at texting back, which wasn't uncommon so I didn't worry much about it. The night before I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned. Woke up and didn't want to eat. I kept feeling this knot in my stomach. I texted my boyfriend and he texts me back an hour later saying he was doing some errands for his mom (again, not unusual) so he wasn't going to be on his phone. Around 5 the knot in my stomach was growing. It felt as if I was being weighed down by it. 20 minutes later I get a call from the jailhouse saying my boyfriend had been arrested for shoplifting. Then, at that same exact moment, that overwhelming feeling just vanished from my body. I felt immediately hungry because I had not eaten all day.

Another weird anxiety-like feeling happened recently. My sons father who does not live with me, asked to come over the next day. So the day he was suppose to come over I AGAIN felt these knots in my stomach as if something would go wrong. I sent an Uber for him later that night and he arrived at my apartment. The knots were still swirling about. He said he was going to the corner store down the street and that he would be back. That was around 8pm and the knots stopped. At this point I know something bad will happen because I know my body enough to know how my body reacts to bad situations. My sons father didn't show up until 4 in the morning. Eight hours later with no explanation. I still don't know where he went or what he was doing, but it's pretty obvious my body senses things before the happen. If anyone has anything similar, please feel free to comment. If anyone knows what this could called for research, comment below.

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