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Dream Turned Into Premonition


As far back as I can remember, maybe about 7 I started having this dream about me getting in a car wreck. To be honest I didn't know it was a car wreck until I got a little bit older.

The dream always started out dark. I would open my eyes and see nothing but then suddenly I would be walking across a road and walking towards what seemed to be someone's yard because I recognized the porch light. As I continue to walk towards this light I eventually reach someone's porch.

I recall feeling this intense anxiety as I try to rush up the porch.

I finally reach the door and knock. Light turns on inside and this woman whom I couldn't see the face of gasped. I can feel her shock and worry through the door but again couldn't see her face.

She leaves.

I have constantly had this exact dream for years. Not every night but every so often. I can never really remember my dreams but for some reason this one always breaks through.

About a year ago I got into a wreck on February 25, really early in the morning. I was in the way from my friends house who lived about an hour away from where I stayed. For some reason I shot up in bed, wide awake and I HAD TO LEAVE.

All I remember is leaving my friends yard and then I wake up.

It's totally black. I unbuckle my seatbelt and fall head first onto a hard surface which I figured must be the roof of my car. I open my car door and manage to get myself out. It was just like the dream but this time I was standing in the middle of the road- looking at the same yard and the same porch light. I walk through the yard and up the porch stairs. I knocked and a woman turns on a light, calls to somebody and rushes to open the door. I can see the urgency worry on their faces as they bring me inside. I end up sitting on their couch while they try to contact my parents and eventually call EMS. I am fine now and thankfully only ended up with a broken nose.

Since then the dream stopped.

I have explained this experience to family, friends and a therapist I have been seeing since I started having the dream.

He says its my mind trying to I guess cushion what happened. Others don't really discuss it with me.

But how when I've had this dream for literal years? It was like I was almost in a trance like state. I knew exactly what to do and didn't even hesitate. I've never been confident to reach out to anybody else about this since I've been made to believe that I just made this up.

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LightMight (1 stories) (14 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-11)
I realize this story is from over one year ago, but I'd like to comment anyway 😊 hopefully the OP is still around (?).

Butters, I enjoyed reading the recount of your experience, and I'm glad you survived the accident! What you had for years was a precognitive dream - it's nothing to be ashamed of, or fearful of. Instead you might want to look at it as a gift; sort of like your subconcious giving you a warning, or heads-up about a situation coming your way. Maybe try keeping a journal whenever dreams like this occur just so you have some validation, or proof that it's not all just 'made up'...
Best Wishes, LightMight

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