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My Journey To True Self


I started my spiritual journey 16 months ago because I knew if I wanted to do anything physical I had to complete the spiritual aspect first. Anyway, recently on a windy day I decided to practice Aerokinesis while tree branches were blowing already. I thought "branch, stop moving." and it seemed to stop while the other branches continued. Still don't know if that was me or just the wind. Another time I was practicing it was already a windy day, I thought "blow harder" with a small hand motion and the wind started blowing harder half a second later, same with when I wanted the wind to stop blowing. Half the time I don't know if it's me or perfect timing with the wind. I know I have abilities though because months ago, I tried messing with the temperature of what ever location I was at and was successful. When I did it at work, my office started at the same temperature of the hallway but after I stopped practicing it was noticeably colder than the hallway. First time anything like this happened was about a year ago when I got super mad about something and started trembling, the next thing I knew my lights were flickering and then the energy from my anger was less. I have a feeling it's all linked to my emotions (I don't show emotion much). I know a lot is happening to me spiritually, mentally and physically. (I used to be 5'6 but now I'm 5'5) I never heard of anyone shrinking unless they were very much an elder and I'm definitely not an elder for miles. I believe I am becoming my true self. Everything around me no longer feels like any of it is mine, my bedroom at times feels unfamiliar, I definitely do not consider myself "human" and never felt like I fit in with them. Everything is slowly starting to feel unfamiliar like I belong else where like a different dimension. Sometimes it feels like my past life and this life are merging (I know how things were like back then). Any thoughts?

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