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Just Now Realizing My True Self


I have just recently discovered that there is more to life then what the eye can see, my mind's eye has shown me that there is so much more all around us. As I am new to this "new sense' I am learning more every day. One topic I would like to learn more (as well as many more) is the moon, For 35 years of being alive the moon was just the moon, but one day I just woke up, and ever since that day I can literally feel the moon. I can be in doors and tell you exactly where the moon is, and what phase its in. There is no way I can not feel it anymore either. Its very strong and demands my attention. Sometimes I can even feel like the moon has distress or some sort of emotions. Does this happen to anyone else? And can anyone explain what is going on?

Also, since I was a very young boy, as far back as I can remember I have always demonstrated exceptional abilities. There is many of them, but one I would like to understand more is an ability to slow down time during extreme situations and know exactly, and I mean exactly what I have to do in order to overcome the situation. For example, during a recent car accident, my wife and children where in the truck with me driving at 55 mph. A steering part let loose causing us to veer off the road @ 55 mph making us hit a drive way at high speed. We flew through the air and landed in the ditch with the truck all over the place, when we hit the second drive way we launched again, this time higher and further than before, this time landing so hard the frame bent and bumper caved in. The suspension rebounded so hard the truck got wildly out of control right be fore hitting the third and final drive way, once again causing the truck to get airborne, this time landing back out onto the road in our correct lane. Now where my ability come into play here is when the accident first started, everything slowed way down to me, like extreme slow motion. I know exactly what to do in order to keep the truck from rolling over, everyone else in the truck felt like it happened so fast that they didn't even know what exactly happened. To me, it felt like it took five minutes to all go down when in actuality it lasted about 15 seconds. I have many more instances like this with this ability along with several others.

I'm just now realizing that I have this strong connection to some kind of other higher power that is not able to be seen, but felt, and once you feel it, you can deny its there.

Can someone please help me understand what's going on, and even mentor or teach me to use it.



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Ismael (26 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-09)

Maybe your experience was a kind of unfolding and you react guided by your soul out of your body. I read some similar experience related by Dr Eben Alexander III in his book. Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife (2012) describes his 2008 near-death experience and asserts that science can and will determine that the brain does not create consciousness and that consciousness survives bodily death. I recomend.

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