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Think I My House Is A Portal. And Now Everyone Follows Me


I moved on with my roommate in January when I separated from my husband after 23 years. My best friend offered me a place in his small one bedroom cottage. At first I would hear him say he thought people were in his attic and the was constantly checking but no sign of anything. Based on the issues I had with my husband we installed a camera and extra lights outside. The trees over hung so much it was really dark all around. I have always been a little different from most in my family. I would feel people around me and would feel this heavy weight on my chest for a day or two before we would get bad news. My mother and grandmother both felt that. Now 2 of my daughters also feel somwtjing but we just don't know what will happen although it is never good. I knew instantly when several family members passed on. Sometimes I would see white lights, those did not bother me. Other lights would be black streaks but I would just pray for them and move on. Other than that and an occasional message I would hear whispered to me nothing happened.

Now that I am in a new place it is a whole new world. In doing research we came across various pictures of the yard and neighborhood where you can see faces and shapes in the trees and vacant lots. On Google maps you can awe what I am talking about and the two huge skulls that sit on my roof but we can"t see. I am not always brave but the masses of faces in the trees and everywhere overwhelmed me. I notice one particular and then realized HE noticed that I saw him. He started coming into the yard ad stands my by the front door. He does not scare me so far. I behan to notice strange activity on my security camera. I think I got hooked on all the things I was seeing that I became to involved and manu noticed me and would try to get my attention. I became scared a d my co-worker what to do since they were invading our yard. They They were not letting me sleep or focus. As a matter of fact a black shadow is right here trying to get me to turn around

My regular white light is just bouncing around. A few now follow me off property. I became to pray for all the ones that looked like they didn't transition and moved on. Unfortunately they are being replaced by dark shadows and scary faced demons. I no longer use the security camera for my daily dose of television or acknowledge anyone no matter how much they try.

Here's my problems.;

1. I have no clue what to do with this gift.

2. How do I get them out of my personal space like when I shower or other things. I do not mind the flashes of lights. I am used to that. It's the gross bodies, creepy clients, and the dark evil ones that I am worried about.

3. My daughter is just as sensitive and now pregnant. I try for her not to come over but I am scared they will try to latch on to her or the baby. Can one get in the womb with my granddaughter?

4. How do I he them away from the house and yard. They all sit on the roof, fence line and trees.

Please help!

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WolfBeast (4 stories) (35 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-16)
I have dealt with this kind of stuff since I was little. Through experience and research I have learned my fair share of knowledge over the years. Go to my account and read up on a few of my experiences I have shared with others here at
Marin (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-15)
Thank you for your response. I have prayed for those I saw but I feel like those still there lurking are strong and my concern is them overpowering or controlling me. They are large dark shadows now that lurk along my fence line.

This is all new to me and I want to protect myself and family. I have no clue where to start. How did you grasp what was going on? Does it happen in different locations or just your home?
WolfBeast (4 stories) (35 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-13)
I'm very sorry about your troubles with these mischievous little suckers. There are a few things you can do to discourage them from hanging around you. Get a Himalayan Salt lamp, it will create an effect that neutralizes negative ions like a weird form of air filter. Also slow burning Sage and citrus essential oils, but not at the same time. In door plants and soft uplifting music helps to create a positive atmosphere on a spiritual level. I have also heard that violet amethyst is considered the "Stone of the Spirit" because it wards off negative energies. If all else fails you could see if a priest will do a cleansing blessing on both you and your home. Most of these are slow effecting deterrence so the effects aren't instant solutions, be patient when trying these methods. I wish you the best of luck, there are other solutions but they are more aggressive and you want to avoid using these methods if possible.

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