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Paintings Can Be Portals


A couple of weeks ago, my husband called me into his office to show me something that he seemed pleased about. That's not a common theme, he's typically quite negative. Actually, he blows negative energy like a Chicago smoke stack.

Going into that office is not my favorite thing. It's horribly cluttered and I am clutter-averse. Clutter breeds in there. He'll come looking for recognition for the big dent he's made in his huge reclamation project, and yet, it will be even more cluttered. He's not a hoarder, but he has a similar psychological profile.

Thus, with trepidation, I headed toward the clutter fest. As I was stepping through the doorway, I literally physically jumped back. I still had no idea what my husband wanted to show me. I try to be unobservant in there. He pointed to a painting behind him that he had just dug out of the garage after who knows how long, that he had gotten he somewhere doesn't recall at a time he can't remember.

The thing was hideous. Some type of farmhouse, painted in the dreariest, dingiest, most drab golds and greens you can imagine. The frame was awful, way too dark and heavy for the painting, for the room, for civilization itself.

There was no hiding my reaction in the interest of diplomacy. Not my area of strength anyway. My reaction was physical as much as verbal. I was repulsed by the thing. An ugly painting is one thing, this was more.

But, hey. It's his room. He promised to keep the door shut.

His knee got injured and would not heal. I caught a nasty cold. A neuropathic itch that tormented me for years started to return, along with red splotches and sores on my arms.

Stuff was breaking and getting lost.

Mentally and energetically, I still felt happy and joyful, but I was ramping up the grounding and protection work. And, I have been collecting healing crystals obsessively. A psychic I have known for many years is doing a month of healing work for us.

Ultimately, I was given the answer via my guides and helpers. Some negative entity had made entry. And it was through that damn painting.

Told hubs, sorry, but that ghastly thing goes. Immediately.

Then I smudged the holy heck out of the place and did a thorough cleansing.

Burning it wasn't practical. It absolutely cannot be donated - oh dear heaven, you can't pass that off on some unsuspecting soul. Hubs mentioned breaking it into pieces - NEVER DO THIS! Not with anything you suspect might be a portal! You'll just be releasing more energy.

All he could do was send it off with the trash after setting proper intentions.

The next day, hubs' knee pain was completely gone. The itching has receded dramatically. His negativity level was way down. Even someone as non energy sensitive as my husband is feeling the difference.

Fortunately, there is another portal in the house that has is only used by the most benevolent, loving, and wonderful energies. It's a large mirror in the master bath aka *my* bathroom. (We've got enough for everyone to have their own). If I need wisdom or guidance, it will be most likely be given to be when I am close to the mirror. Per some good advice, I m adding crystals into the bathroom, including black obsidian for extra protection.

Just please be aware that artwork, like mirrors can be portals. As I was cleansing, I got that the artist was very troubled, likely struggling with mental illness. Part of cleansing necessitated sending divine healing light and love to the soul of that artist.

Hopefully, someone reading this will avoid exposure to negativity via a portal they may not have recognized. Be vigilant, but, not fearful. Fear leads you down the wrong paths. Keep your own energy vibration as high as you can. Always remember, lower vibrations are slower than higher. No entity can reach you without getting it's own vibration to match yours. Lower entities can't do that unless you allow yourself to drop your frequency to their level. They recognize higher vibrational entities and don't bother with them.

And, negative entities are far fewer in number than positive entities and the negatives are very weak, they do not carry much power.

Remember the wisdom of Glenda, the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz when confronted with negativity: "You have no power here"!

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Saleire (9 posts)
5 years ago (2019-04-20)
😊 Love it...yes, paintings and mirrors can be portals, I agree. I had a mirror once that really sent out some horrible energy... I always felt I was being watched in a negative way. On the other hand, I have another mirror that I feel is full of positive energy and light and that is a blessing. Psychometry shews us that objects do possess energy from the person who owned it before. Great article.
Junglecat (9 posts)
5 years ago (2019-03-30)
Thank you for sharing this. I think it could potentially help many readers.

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