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Pulled Into A Portal


Have you ever been awake and then woke up out of being awake in to a different location? That happened to me one time when I was walking through my apartment complex when someone came up behind me and hit me over the back of the head and in the back then I fell to my knees was kicked down on to my chest then spine was stomped on. As that happened I felt it as real physical pain and when it happened I floated out of my body like a duck on the origanal Nintendo game system "Duck-hunt". It was real but like a dream but not asleep. In the same complex I seen a portal form about 30 feet off the ground, it started getting bigger and more detailed it was not a funnel or vortex positioned it was horizontal/vertically above me about 70 ft in front of me and 30 feet up in the air it was stationary did not move position, got thicker and more detailed until I ran inside. At the same apartment complex I seen a cat turn into an Asian person right before my eyes I also seen what I thought was a human transform into another type of human in broad daylight instantaneously also at the same complex I was teleported from sleeping in my apartment to the top of four peaks mountain somehow in the middle of the night and it was raining. I believe I have travelled to different realms or was placed there by a higher being with some sort because they said that it was a fuse or something that they can pull that would take me out and put me into a different realm no wasn't a fuse I'm sorry not a fuse but a circuit I have more true stories to tell if anybody wants to know not going to say any more else.

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ArcticEyez (3 posts)
4 years ago (2020-09-09)
This is extremely fascinating. Where is this apartment complex? I'd love to hear all the stories you'd like to share. This world is full of magic and mystery and I yearn to learn everything although impossible.

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