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Shifting Into Another Realm!


I'll start out by saying this is something very new to me. I would like to read comments from others. Looking for anyone who may have experienced this same incident.

One morning my husband and I decided to take a trip up the mountain where we have never been before. We live in the Ozark mountains. Actually in the city of Huntsville, AR. They call this the crossroads of the Ozarks. We both were bored and had woke up early to go for this morning drive. As soon as we hit the summit of Bohannon Mountain all of the sudden the fog was so thick in front of us that we were astounded. We came to a road I decided to turn down. As we were going down this dirt road it started getting steeper and steeper. I was speechless. Finally it got to the point where the car was riding so steep that every curve was right under the other as we looked down at the next one. Wondering each one if we should turn around. It was right then that I started getting a deep feeling that if I didn't turn around something bad was going to happen. My husband was so excited he could only think about one thing... Anyone with sense could guess what. So afterwards we turned the car around and parked. We had worn ourselves out that we both fell asleep in the car for about 15 minutes which was very rare for us both. All of the sudden we woke up to a vehicle beating their horn at us. As soon as I started driving they passed us. About an hour later, I found a huge bump on my head that hurt and I had no idea where it came from. All I could think about was during the time that we were down in that big valley. Interestingly as it seems I believe we drove into another realm and don't know how it is physically possible to shift into another dimension like that. I was surprised! It sounds unbelievable but it really happened.

The reason I'm actually doing my story now is because this same thing just happened last night to us also. Well we were going to meet some friends and we go down a dirt road that started turning rocky and bad enough that I didn't want to drive on it. This is weird because I know this area and going down that dirt road we should have came to a highway at one point. Well we drove for about ten minutes when we finally turned around. I had a nervous feeling this time too. Well we turn around to go back the way we came and it was NOTHING like it looked the way into the road. So I'm wondering why this keeps happening to me and my husband both. We are both very spiritual people and we have a really awesome connection between each other. I would just like to ask anyone to please comment to let me know if this sounds like anything like this has ever happened to themselves before and if so explain to me how this process physically happens. Thank you for reading my story


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layschips98 (21 posts)
3 years ago (2020-12-08)
Very interesting. If you're spiritual I recommend this book The Mist Filled Path. Different from your story, but still u might like it. Anyways, yes you're absolutely right! The fog contained dense energy which is y u fell asleep. I shift different dimensions all the time while I'm awake, but I've never had anything from this dimension interact with the one I was in. INTERESTING that the place you went to was called crossroads as well. Crossroads between this realm and another? Hahaha. I would simply look into the location of where u were and any experiences. Perhaps there's something spiritual about the specific location you're in. Examples like how certain places are prone to UFO citings. It's strange because when I astral travel while I'm awake to different dimensions I simply feel my consciousness shifting and my perception changes - the energy around me feels different and I feel different entities around me depending on where I traveled to. Where I travel to can also be in the past or future, which means that dimension the time works differently. I wouldn't be surprised when u fell asleep when that fog hit u that the time that passed seemed suspicious? I can't see however, which is a big difference betweeen your story and mine. I just feel like a blind person.
Mada7 (1 stories) (3 posts)
5 years ago (2018-11-30)
Can you describe that feeling you had? Was it like someone was warning you? Like you might get stuck there?

I (as hard as it may be to even imagine) believe that a very special being did this. A being able to create rifts in time and space to other universes and such. He is a friend. This should not happen again.

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