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Dream Come True Turned Into Hell


I would like to ask everyone for their opinion or if they've experienced something similar as well.

Throughout my life I had precognitive dreams, those dreams appeared through symbols or as pure visions. This vision was different because it was the first time I saw a person in details in my dream, and what was even more weird is that this dream came as an answer to my question (at least it seemed that way).

In that time I was a bit disappointed in love in general, cause I didn't have luck in finding the right guy for me. There was one ex-boyfriend at that time who didn't want to leave me alone after painful break-up and who was still messaging me two years after break-up, I never figured out what he actually wanted from me, but it was definitely over for me. Anyway, this entire situation made me sad and discouraged. So one day I broke into tears and asked spiritual entities (angels, spiritual guides, God, higher Self...) whoever and whatever exists on a spiritual plane: "Is there my soulmate and my true love in a male form on this Earth, does he exist?"

That same day or the day after I had a dream, actually it was a vision in a dream because there were no symbols, I only saw a man in a daylight - I saw his head/face and the upper part of his body. He was unfamiliar to me. I started asking myself if this was really an answer to my question and if I really saw someone who is one the same vibrational soul level as myself.

In a less than a year I met a guy in strange circumstances, it seemed like he was put there in front of me with a reason, like a designed scenario. We would see each other frequently cause we would pass each other by in the same street. After some time he approached me, we started talking for hours and hours, and soon we ended in a relationship. There were some red flags about him which I ignored, instead I gave him a chance. After short period of time I remembered my dream and realized he looks exactly like the guy from my dream, it was the same person in a detail. It was just a reason more to believe I have met him, that I have met my soulmate. It was him. And the entire situation about our meeting and my dreams made sense.

But the thing is, what seemed like a dream come true - became hell. Something was wrong with him, either he was crazy or an abuser or both, I went through hell with him - emotional/mental abuse, pathological lying... He also displayed narcissistic traits. It was sick what he done to my head so I won't be going into details. I broke up with him several times, but he was always coming back and I was always giving him another chance, especially when he was repeating love phrases like "soulmate, true love" and so on, but his actions never matched his words. He was a liar and he hurt me a lot.

I understand it's possible to dream of someone whom you will meet in the future, regardless of their personality.

But why would I dream of someone so toxic for my soul - more precisely, why would such a person come into my dream as an important precognitive situation, why would anyone who heard me that day (spirit guides, whoever) send me such a person from hell in my dream as an answer to my "soulmate", why would they do that?

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Aurora-Rose-117 (1 stories) (4 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-21)
hi, sorry for the late reply. I think about this often and still don't have any clear answers. Maybe I was supposed to assist in changing the direction of this person, we were supposed to be together I think, but it failed miserably. His higher self was an extremely talented psychic and energy worker, but the bodily expression was very wicked and out of touch with the higher spirit. And this spirit-body relationship was reflected in his Bazi chart (Chinese birth chart). Another thing is this relationship was very educational to me, in terms of compassion and discernment and becoming less naive of a person. I have gone through a rapid education and ascension in having to learn to really rely on my heart and intuition. This relationship also started and ended with my saturn return. A lot of karma burned off too. So a lot of things were coalescing. This world is also not necessarily a just world. Sometimes evil winds and kindness loses, but like everything else that is all temporary. I have had a lot of expansion and broadened perspective of possibilities because of this. I think our higher selves met, tried, and failed
Belle7 (2 stories) (9 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-23)

Thank you for sharing your experience with me.

How are you doing now, are you ok?
I am sorry for what you've been through.
I've been there and the question which was long time in my head was "Why was I supposed to get familiar with such a mean and sick part of a human nature when it has only ruined me and now I know things which shouldn't have been inside me in the first place?"
So, once again, I'm sorry you got to experience that as well.

Why do you think something like that happened, you being given his image as a soulmate and a warning in a dream?
Aurora-Rose-117 (1 stories) (4 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-19)
same thing happened to me, dreamed of the person years before we got together. But in the dream I met his higher self who warned me not to sleep with him, and revealed the true toxic nature of that person who was supposedly my soulmate. I didn't listen and became enmeshed in a destructive relationship where I experienced levels of wickedness I wasn't aware of that could exist
Belle7 (2 stories) (9 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-09)

It's true, you don't even realize that in time you become more like that person, actually you become them - that's the most disturbing part - their words and actions are now your thoughts and your way of thinking, you're somewhere where you're not supposed to be, it's a dark and sick place. But you realize that after some time when the relationship is over, so you need to fight back to return to who you actually were and are, yes. I think that the process of returning your identity also brings much more, maybe we just have to recognize it and be brave. Thank you for your encouraging words.
Illumin (guest)
3 years ago (2021-05-05)
Hello Belle7,

The most important thing to remember is that is not you. You are the person you were before; you just need to find them again. Personally, what snapped me out of it was the realization that I hated who I became because of what she did. It wasn't her who did all of these negative things to me. It was me letting her affect me that caused these negative things to occurred. That is where I learned to never let someone else change who I am, what I believe and most importantly how I feel about myself. It was the hatred of who I became and what I liked about who I was before that helped me find who I wanted to be. Who I am today. My belief is being who I truly am and chasing my dreams, my passions, will lead me to find a woman who loves me for who I am as much as I will love her for who she is.

I am sure if you pursue your passions, and do not let his actions influence who you are, you will find someone that loves you for who you are.

Belle7 (2 stories) (9 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-04)

No problem at all. I understand your reasons perfectly, thanks for clarification. Yes, I see there's your contact e-mail there, so it's good to know that just in case. Have a nice day!
Lyro (468 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-03)
I appreciate your interest in my experiences, but there's more than one reason I don't post any stories on this site instead only help people. I never came to this site to get help from other people, and in fact when I first joined I was warned against even being here. However, I still refused and joined to try and help people when and where I could. I'm not as active here as I once were, so I don't tend to check for replies, hence why I have an e-mail listed on my profile. I don't mind talking more about my experiences, but it would need to be there or else I probably won't see it in comments.
~ Lyro
Belle7 (2 stories) (9 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-03)

I thank you too very much, for sharing your experience with me. I see what your point is. Still, I am very sorry for what you've been through, experiencing that kind of pain and emotional/mental traumas isn't easy at all. Especially cause it can cause a real damage to person's mental and physical health, ruin your self-esteem, you become like a shell of a person you used to be. I know the pain. This guy of mine was seriously insecure and mean, to the point that he was competing with me in everything, he was competing with a female being (in looks, in life experiences, attitude...) and then he would intentionally hurt me by making up stories about himself or just say anything to belittle me, even though he put me on a pedestal like a perfect one from the beginning, but then all of his complexes started coming to surface, he projected his mental issues onto me, I couldn't believe how sneaky and mean he could be, lack of compassion, pathological liar, I don't even know now what he was capable of behind my back. The sacrifices I made to help us and him to "become a better person" meant nothing, it was just taking advantage and now I'm left with disgusting thoughts and images he put into my head which should have never been there.

Before meeting him I was a happy and confident person, what I lack and wanted was love and someone to share my life with (like in your case). But now I feel also like you - like I need to rebuild myself again.

I am really happy you got out of that prison of issues eventually, and that you managed to see that experience as something good for you in the end, I believe you improved as a person very much. You don't beg for love, someone who loves you wouldn't even put themselves in a position to lose you. I Hope you will get and find what you wanted (if you still haven't), you deserve it.
Belle7 (2 stories) (9 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-02)

Thank you very much for reaching out to me.

The part where you mention possible things which we could be products of, I was thinking about those too, all possible reasons (from psychological to spiritual) why would someone be attracted to a certain person. I believe any of those is possible in general, it depends on a psychological/mental/emotional/spiritual state of an individual I guess. Sometimes it's about something which needs to be healed within, dysfunctional families, sometimes it's about insecurities within and certain people come into your life to trigger them in order for you to improve them, then there's a spiritual element as well... You know, I thought about people who are good-hearted and sincere and honest, and how they attract liars and very low vibing people. I read somewhere a quote which I liked as well, going like... "Sometimes you don't attract what you are, but you attract people who are in desperate need of what you are and they lack", because for some reason they do feed on you emotionally and spiritually.

This thing about writing down what you want in a partner is a great idea, and that's something I did once. I never thought there would be a result as well. I read somewhere about it, so I wrote a description on a piece of paper and decided to sleep with it in order to manifest it. I don't remember how much time passed by cause it was some time ago, I believe it happened in a less than a month - one night I woke up but not fully, like only a part of me woke up cause I felt a presence my bedroom, and I saw a male sitting beside my bed and watching me sleep, I only saw his shape in a dark room and felt him as someone known to me. I kissed him on his cheek and went back to sleep. 

Thank you for the advice regarding positive affirmations and meditation, that's a good therapy for emotional turmoil which is very much needed, if there's anything else you would like to share just go ahead.
Belle7 (2 stories) (9 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-02)

Thank you very much for sharing your opinion. You are right when you say that we cannot always associate life with magic because it can definitely drive us crazy. I believe that finding some sort of balance between those two is important, since we are both spiritual beings and of this Earth as well. I think the best thing a person can do is to listen to their gut instinct and act according to, instead of trying to fit something somewhere and even forcing ourselves to something which is toxic for our souls.

About the dream, I saw that man clearly. After that, in a less than a year I got to know him. At first I didn't think about that dream, but later I started to associate him with the dream cause I saw the similar/same physical appearance the more I was watching him. Also, our meeting happened under strange circumstances. But now I'm also questioning all of this (I do question things a lot because I don't want to fool myself), lots of things came to my mind... One of them is saying that it maybe wasn't him in the end because of this brain fitting thing which you have mentioned so maybe some details were changed in my brain, the other one is saying that it was really him but the dream of him was more a premonition-warning I guess, and not a romance thing. I'll see how things develop and hope things become clearer.

Thank you for your advice as well, I appreciate it a lot.

You have mentioned that you have seen weird things and can do unimaginable things - well, if you wish you can share any of those, I'll gladly read about your experiences.
Belle7 (2 stories) (9 posts)
3 years ago (2021-05-02)
Anne V,

Thank you very much for your insight. And for the encouraging words as well. What you said makes sense. I agree that certain people appear in our lives depending on the life mission we have or because there are certain lessons we need to learn in order to grow. I do feel already there was something about him which served as a lesson, so in the end - I guess all those experiences teach us to be in love with ourselves first.

The only thing in this entire situation which was confusing was the dream which appeared soon after I asked the question about the soulmate. So, I just couldn't match my question with the timing of the dream in order to find any other connection between those two. I kept wondering why would I see that person in my dream as a "soulmate" because there's no way we vibe on the same frequency. This was the first time I actually saw an unknown person in detail in dream, other precognitive dreams were different.

When it comes to emotional abuse, I realized that he suffered from serious insecurities, and I have to say that I felt sorry for him as well... One of the things I have learned is that you have to put your health first, if somebody does not want to change and you feel like they are crushing every aspect of your being, then the only thing you can do is to walk away no matter how hard. And that is my advice to everyone in the similar position or situation. In time things become clearer.
Illumin (guest)
3 years ago (2021-05-01)
Hello Belle7,

I, myself, went through something similar years ago with an ex-girlfriend of mine. She told me she loved me, that we were soulmates, twin flames, etc. While I thought she was full of it at first, eventually I did fall in love with her. Just something about her, maybe it was up until that point all I wanted in life was to have a woman to share it with. I can speculate a long time about it but I believe that was the main reason, that she was my long-awaited dream, my wish come true.

It was only after that things began to change with her. She began to lie more and more and eventually I found her messing around with someone else. That lead to about a year and half of absolute misery for myself. Where I would try to change myself or fight for her love to keep it. I would do anything, become anything to keep her loving me as I loved her. The damage it did to me physically not to mention mentally stuck for me for some time. Physically I lost roughly 40 ibs. Before putting on 150 ibs. Mentally, I develop confidence issues, a stutter, and would mentally crack before a date with any other girl thinking she was cheating on me.

Eventually, while lingering is this cesspool of issues for years, I broke free from it. It was like being reborn. I am a similar person to who I was before, but am not either. I learned a lot about myself from the experience, what I want, where I want to be, etc. Things that I may never have learned if it wasn't for it. It truly feels like that old me died with her, and eventually a new me was born in its place.

To answer your question at the end, if it wasn't already clear, it is through the darkest of hours when your hopes turn into nightmares that you find who you really are, who you are meant to be.

PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
3 years ago (2021-04-29)
You would be surprised how many of the same type (Brand of male), can appear before the right one appears.

As to why this happens who can say!
Some say it is a test.

I believe we can be products of many things: hereditary patterns, disfunctions of our family, neg self talk, poor self image.
These issues/patters-are like Magnets that attract us to lovers, partners, marriage, romance.

My dad believed in de-ja-vu and remote viewing. I believe that dreams so many times are remote viewing. I had viewed my future if I took one path, and the results if I took a different road.
So I choose the different road, which was hard work. To recreate a new and loving workable path.

As humans we have the great ability to create our own reality and bring in the best and highest, but this takes work and can sometime go into years.

It is important in our life journey we do not let peoples stuff be ours. That means we have have to have boarders, good self esteem, and an ability to say no to what neg stuff they present.
In life we all have good and bad days, and time we endure. But abuse-mentally, emotionally or physically is not.

I would say your dream is probably true. But the events highlighted. You have to work to recreate self-image, self worth. Reality is most humans all have something they should be working on within themself.

With much, respect!
I encourage you to keep meditating and doing positive affirmations, visualise the love and partner you want. Possibly write down what you want and ask for wisdom and life change to create this. So you can have the desire of your heart.

Best wishes
Lyro (468 posts)
3 years ago (2021-04-28)
Well said Anne. I'm someone who lord knows I've seen my share of really weird things, and I can still do things that people wouldn't even be able to imagine. However, we can't always associate life with something magical or we'll drive ourselves crazy. Yes we live in a world of what can be described as magic and out of this world things, but it's also a logical and scientific place too. If you only want a spiritual reason for all of it, like Anne said maybe it was something sent to test you, to teach you what's bad for you so you'll be able to find someone who is good, to not ignore your gut instincts of red flags and let someone manipulate you.

However, a non spiritual viewpoint. Dreams can be tricky, we don't typically have dreams of people we haven't seen, even if we don't consciously realize we know someone, just seeing them can leave that imagine in the back of your mind. You said you started seeing this guy day after day on your walks down the road? Before you ever recognized the pattern your brain would have, and can easily use that image as your dream guy. If he's as manipulative and destructive to you as you're describing, using your hopes and dreams of a soul mate against you isn't out of question for him. You wanted more than anything to find someone, you dreamed of someone, and fit someone into that spot. That's not a bad thing, our brains do things like this constantly.

Now all that aside, no offense at all, it doesn't really matter. If this was a spiritual test/lesson/whatever, or if it was a normal experience, you know yourself that he isn't good for you. If he's toxic for you, you don't need him and you'll use the lessons you learned to find someone that isn't him. Don't let someone toxic make you believe there won't be someone out there for you, I believe there is someone for everyone, but we can't always look for that person either. People in our lives sometimes come when we need them the most but least expect it. Don't lose faith due to some stupid people 😊

~ Lyro
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
3 years ago (2021-04-27)
I think that's a very good question. Why some people pair up with people from their soul group and others don't just depends on their life mission. Some souls are here for a specific purpose and that can exclude those types of relationships, say for example a spiritual teacher who focuses on all those around him or her versus a soul who only wants to touch those in close emotional contact, like towards family and close friends. But you are clearly in search of that type of relationship. And you're of course mature enough to know that a person who is lying and emotionally abusing you is not love and therefore not what you want. Sometimes we get what we don't want before we get what we want. You know through the wrongs what the right will look like. I think your dream was more a premonition than an answer. 

This person served as a lesson for you. Your one true love will always be yourself and how you allow others to treat you reflects your own attitude towards self love. People like the person you described will lower your vibrations so be careful as in order to attract the highest ideal later, you'll want to resonate at this level. Thank their higher self for the lessons learned and regain that space of love so that you attract the same. Get that power back girl;-)  

We all have a destiny that plays out. When things align, this person will manifest. The most we can do is be the highest form possible and attract the same.

Thanks for sharing.


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