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Death Dreams That Come True


I know it says not to post about dreams, but I've been predicting death in my dreams and I just want to know how this is possible and why.

When I was 4 or 5 years old I was yelling in my sleep and said "black birds are surrounding us, they're going to pick one of us to kill" then proceeded to name the names of those that they will choose from. A few days later my mom got a call that her brother died unexpectedly and they didn't know how. He was in the list of names & me and him were so close. I also used to talk to my dead twin in my sleep.

A few years ago I had a recurring dream for a week. It was of a car accident where the car was on an Ohio highway and went into the opposite side of traffic and a woman with black hair and her daughter died along with a man being badly injured. I had this dream every night for a week & became scared to sleep. Suddenly one day it stopped and when I came home from school my brother told me an old friend of the family died in a car accident with her daughter in Ohio. Then he explained how she had been driving for a long time and they believe she fell asleep at the wheel and then she drifted into the opposite side of traffic and a man hit her, the man was badly injured but they were pronounced dead at the scene.

After that, a few months later or more, a new dream came up. I was in a hotel room and for some reason could never see the people's faces that were in there. It was a boy, a teenager, there was a gun and then a gunshot. It was always too fast for me to see what was happening. I could never tell if he was shot or accidentally shot himself. He had long dark hair. I remember waking up to hearing myself screaming "who are you?" To the boy. I had that dream for a week and then when it stopped I was so scared because I knew something was going to happen. In school the principal made an announcement that a student was badly injured from a gunshot wound in the head. They gave the name and it was an old friend of mine. He was at a hotel and they said they believed he was playing with a gun and it accidentally went off. Then I remember being on Instagram and someone posted "you shot him" and tagged someone else but it was deleted so it went away when I tried to look at it. He was in a coma then woke up, shortly after he died.

Recently, this one wasn't a dream. I was at work and just doing the usual; sitting and waiting for customers. Then I got a strong feeling like my whole body filled with something and the name of a friend was the only thing stuck in my head. I hadn't spoken to him recently at all so it wasn't normal to think about him. I started feeling the anxiety I usually feel in dreams, a special type of anxiety. I went to text him and a customer came in. I was nauseous and dizzy from the anxiety and couldn't breathe. By the time I finished with the customer I had to run to get my inhaler. It had been about a half hour since the feeling had started. I went back to my phone and saw his girlfriend had posted a go fund me link with his picture and I was scared. I saw that he had died, about 30-45 minutes before the post.

I don't know what any of this means and it scares me because it's always someone that means something to me. Does anyone know why this happens?

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robmkivseries70 (1 stories) (57 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-03)
Hi Veronica,
There are some scientific theories in an area called "Quantum Mechanics" which suggest we are all connected in some way. Much of this is backed up with some very complex mathematics. I'll suggest a movie which presents some things in terms for the layperson. The title is "What the Bleep Do We Know". While psychic connections aren't specifically mentioned, the underpinnings are there. The movie has been out about 10 years or so. There is an organization in California called "The Institute of Noetic Sciences" that is actively exploring these things. Jose Silva of "Silva Mind Control" was studying these things beginning in the 1940s.
Trinitywasmyhero (1 stories) (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-02)
I have not had death dreams but members of my family have. My uncle has had two that came true and my aunt on the other side has had one. Recently my son who is eight and I think psychic, dreamed that we were going to have an accident in our new car. After that the engine kept failing and the mechanics couldn't figure out the problem. We got it fixed but exchanged it for another car because I think he had a warning dream. Because of my family experience, I took him seriously and put a protective charm in the car. We took it down when we were cleaning it and it wouldn't start at all. As soon as I put it back in, the engine came to life. I know this is just speculation but I believe having the charm there protected us from having an accident until we could exchange the car. I think that your dreams may be warnings and perhaps you could look into ways of protecting those you love. I am religious and I find that this has helped protect me from some of the bad psychic connections that I have made. I think the act of seeking light and rejecting darkness can help to focus your psychic powers onto more useful areas. I hope that you find a way to channel your energies as it seems like things are very frightening for you right now.

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