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Spirits Come To Me


I have always had the ability to see spirits since I was a child. I see them as vivid as they can possibly be. As a child I would see them, but I would quickly disregard what I would see and convince myself that it was simply my imagination. I am now 25 years old. I can sense whether they hold good or negative energy. There are either spirits just freely roaming, or spirits that come to me when I am with a person they want to communicate with, or they ask for my help. Many times I have positive experiences, but unfortunately I have also seen some of the most horrible things that anyone could possibly see (demons). At times I am able to see how it is that an individual has died.

When spirits come for help, I simply pray for them and I can envision a light and clearly see them walk to it and through it.

This is something that became unexplainably strong in the last 3 years of my life.

I think this can be overwhelming for anybody.

Does anyone experience the same things, have any input or advice?

Aside from my experiences with spirits, I experience the most strange things with my partner. I can feel when he is in some type of danger, anything he sees I am able to see. I don't know how this is remotely possible, and he is as dumbfounded as I am. Worst experience was the following:

One morning I woke up extremely tired as if I had not slept for a whole week. My energy was completely down. Before I explain, I want to make it clear I thought it was all a dream, until I discovered it wasn't. What I thought was a dream, was I suddenly appear in a room I look at my feet and I am barefoot and I am standing next to a bed. I look up and I see my fiance sleeping with a black shadow hovered over him looking him straight in the face. I suddenly feel angry and scream to leave him alone. It suddenly charges against me and it pushes me against a wall. It looks me right in the face and its probably an inch away from my face, it was the most ugliest creature I have ever seen. It sounds terrible, but surprisingly I was not scared to face it, and I yell at it the following "God is with me, you cannot beat me", and he suddenly just leaves. I stand there look at the room confused as to how I had gotten there. Suddenly I jump off my own bed. I was startled but layed back down. The next morning my fiance calls me and says he had a horrible dream where he dreamt something with a black face was laying on top of him and he couldn't make it go away.

Now that night he had spent the night at ahotel due to his work.

I suddenly tell him that I had a dream as well, and I was able to accurately describe the room he had stayed on and the floor. My fiance was completely creeped out by this, and so am I! How is this possible!?

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Berellic (54 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-30)
[at] Angelica-12, you experience you have shared is very fascinating. My family members have had such similar experiences with black shadow figures manifesting in their dreams that would give them paralysis. They would pray strongly and eventually these entities would leave. As for you and your husband witnessing the same dream tells me that as you being a very spiritual person - your level of spiritual connection has affected his through the bond that you both share.
lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-29)
Dear Angelica-12

You are just a medium that had an early start and has to fine-tune your mediumship through hard work and dedication!

First, ghosts, demons are not the correct designation, we have just spirits. We have spirits of 3 orders divided in 10 different classes. Among these 10 classes, you have all spirits in different levels of evolution! No one will permanently stay in one specific level, there is a law of evolution that force us towards perfection. We will take long and subsequent lives (body experiences) to get there but since we are immortals (in spirit) one day, we will reach this perfection for sure.

Spirits are just people without a body; they are exactly same as we are. When they died, they not change, they don't go to light, they don't cross over, this is a bad interpretation from what really occur to them. When a spirit is rescue by "rescue team" normally, they are of higher "rank" but this reason you can see only the light, but indeed they are shining spirits due to their evolutionary stage/love.

Since we had several past lives we gained some enemies that follow us until we settled with them our debts. What you saw was your partner "enemy" influencing him. All of us have past debts and past enemies to deal with.

The best way to solve this problem is changing, changing our bad into good habits, charity, help others, self-reform, all of this will demonstrate that you have changed to our enemies and they will stop to follow us and disturb us.

There are 2 books from 5 that you need to study, pse note I wrote study, not only read.


This will help with all your additional questions and others that will appear in the future.

Good study!
gthlvrmx (64 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-28)
Hi Angelica-12,

I have some advice for you. Maybe you can ground, center, clear your energy (and your home), and shield yourself (and shield your home) daily. That should help with any ghosts.

And also, there's a difference between "ghosts" and "spirits". Spirits are people who have died and crossed over into heaven and have gone through healing and reconnected to Source/God/Creator. They do no harm to you and don't make you feel tired or drained. Ghosts are people who have died and have not crossed over into heaven.

Praying for ghosts when they ask for help is a nice thing to do. A simple way to cross over ghosts is to say this: "Archangel Michael, FIND all of the ghosts that are near me and TAKE them into healing." You can change that sentence into whatever fits the situation, but just keep the words "find" and "take" in there. I might have some other advice, I'll email it to you:)

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