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I live in India, a country most of you know is full of mystics, sages, black magic practitioners. For the longest of times, paranormal activities have been happening with people around me, but nothing supernatural has ever occurred to me. My mother can do astral projection (she has no idea that she can do that, but everytime she loses something, eg a necklace, she dreams and in that dream she goes out of her body and pinpoints exactly where that item is. I remembershe once woke up and a opened a cupboard, and took out a long lost ring. She had dreamed that it was there. So duh) my uncle once saw a horde of black figures in a temple, that vanished as soon as the prayers ended. (some say they were the personification of the troubles he was going to face in life but got destroyed due to the prayers) so things like these happen around me all the time, but never to me. I have had a repetitive dream, in which I suddenly I see stars and the moon, and get transported somewhere else. It came twice as a child but never came back again. Thats like the only pyschic experience I have ever had. I think my vibration is very low... I can't meditate for too long. (can't control my breath it distracts me) I'm sexually too charged... I masturbate 60 times in a month (weird huh) so the point is that I'm interested in spirituality but unable to attain it. I do energy excersises and I've reached a point where I can bring energy to my hands but can't manipulate it. I'm prone to anxiety attacks and my head often feels as if a tight band is around it. I'm good at imagining things but I can't hold an image for more than a second, it always changes. And usually it's not clear. I don't know what's wrong with me. I think I have evil tendencies that restrict My spiritual journey. I want to develop pyschic abilities and I know everyone has latent ones, but I'm unable to. Please guide me and help me about how can I increase my vibration and continue this journey. I have read a lot on spirituality and all and I know enough about these things. Please help me

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