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My Daughter Is Dreaming My Memories


A few years ago my daughter and I were about to have readings as I keep having dreams about things that hadn't happened at the time but later on they did actually happen. Then we got onto my daughter telling me about a strange dream she had about being at my stepmothers and walking into a bedroom in her house, but in that room she said there was a staircase leading up to a door and when she opened the door it was dark and eerie... She said she'd never been there before and the place made her feel strange to the point she woke up sweating and feeling scared. She started describing the place and as she did it I stopped her and asked if there was a certain door here, a corridor there etc and she freaked out and said mum stop how the hell do you know about my dream and I replied as that what you are describing is the exact flat I lived in when I was 3 years old and had paranormal experiences il never forget. It was so strange how she described it in exact detail and knew everything about it yet I've never told her anything about this place there's no way she could have known. Anyway that was a few years ago, fast forward to tonight, we were talking about photography and I said I have a few films from when she was little I would love to develop myself if I learned as my dad used to do that when I was little. All of a sudden she said ring me now, I did so and she said mum remember that dream I had well down that long dark corridor at the bottom there was the bathroom and I've just remembered the door was open and there was photographs pegged up on a line being developed. I then said to her omg was there a dim red light in there, she said yes how do you know that and at this point every hair on my body stood on end as that's where my dad used to develop the pictures and she had described my past yet again and again there's no way she would ever have known this. We're now thinking there must be a reason this is happening can anyone shed any light as to why this is please

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