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Daughter Sees Ghosts


I need some help for my daughter. Every since she was little she would tell me she sees ghosts. But it didn't happen often and they never really bothered her but now that she is 16 it happens a lot. She sometimes gets taken over by a spirit. I tell her to fight it but she says she has no idea when it's about to happen.

She is an identical twin and shares a room with her sister. Her sister does not have any psychic abilities. It doesn't seem like my house is actually haunted. It seems like they're just passing through and need her help. I've tried to sage the entire house a few times... Only helps for a short amount of time. I do the Lesser Banishment of the Pentagram every day for her because she doesn't feel comfortable doing it. I got them sage incense to burn in their room each night. I do all of this without my husband's knowledge because I know he doesn't believe in any of this.

I feel so bad for her and when she gets taken over you can see it's not her... She gets this scary smile on her face and she sometimes tries to hurt her sister. I know you are all thinking that maybe it's psychological but 99.9% of the time she's perfectly fine and "normal". They have caught EVPs in their room (I've always been into the paranormal even though I've never experienced anything myself) and I've heard them and they're scary. They also both have captured orbs (real orbs... Not an insect, dust or anything else... Like I said I've been into the paranormal my whole life and I watch every show that deals with it). She sometimes texts her sister or me or her friends when she's "under" and they make no sense.

I don't know what else to do. She even gets bothered in school sometimes which terrifies me because I'm not there with her... But thankfully the two times it happened in school, where she actually was taken over, her sister was with her and she took her to guidance, she said she was upset, texted me and I ran to get her. Happens at my parents house sometimes but only in my parent's bedroom and the den so when we go there I stay with her in the living room. It's terrifying for her sister when she gets "taken over" and I've seen it happen...I've talked her out of it quite a few times... And when she snaps out of it she doesn't remember anything that happened. It's all very stressful especially because I'm trying to keep it from my husband so I feel so alone in dealing with all of this.

Please, any suggestions would be very much appreciated. I'm at a lost on how to help her anymore.

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Angelica-12 (guest)
6 years ago (2018-11-17)
I can help your daughter understand and manage her gift. No spirit/entity has the right to invade her in any form. I would have to know the details in depth more to fully understand, but seems just like me, she has always had the ability to see spirits. You can contact me at
Angelica_333light [at] I am offering my help out of kindness. As I know how difficult it can be to be in her situation.
CrazyCat (3 stories) (74 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-08)
Hi Grayfeather! Please explain something to me. It's about me and my friend.
Grayfeather (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-06-20)
Hi my name is Boni and I'm a sensitive, sometimes spirits get confused if they are suddenly passed (car accident) ect, amd maybe your daughter has a bright light that draws them to her to cross them over. If they stay inside for a while that may be because she doesent know how to send them through.
Explain to her that she is a bright light and that these spirits get confused somwtimes and they need help, so when she feels them put both hands out at her sides like an airplane they should go in through and out the other side. She may become really tired the first couple times this happens cuz it seems to take your energy but eventually her body will get used it and it's a lot better then taking them and keeping them cuz some of them can be annoying, hope this this helps

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