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I See Visions


This is a first for me. I have been through a lot over the last couple of years. I lost everything a couple years ago. I lost my ex girlfriend, my apartment and then ended homeless and living in my van in the dead of winter with my dog. It was so hard. My whole world crashed. I was shot at and someone tried breaking in my van with me in it. Then came the day I had to give up my lab Sunny so he could have something way better than what I could give him. I Had to be hospitalized after that.

But now I'm in my old apartment. The last few months I have been getting ether vivid or visions of myself. I'm awake when it happens. But I can feel it come on. I will start feeling very sick to my stomach. Then I start see visions. But I'm in them. Then my body would be covered in Goosebumps and I would start sweating so bad that I would be soaking and wet but freezing at the same time. At that point I just want to throw up. I have to lay down before I pass out. It last for a little while. After it passes I don't remember what the visions were about. I have been having them the last 2 mornings. I don't feel like myself anymore. At night I sit in the dark listening to Mediation music. I try to tell people what has been going on with me. But they think I'm going crazy. Everything feels and seems different since it all started. The days don't seem the same like they are just days without the name of the day. You know like today is Monday. But to me it just day light. Am I going through something. Can anyone help me. I feel lost.

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Denkatsu (5 posts)
5 years ago (2019-10-09)
Your visions are a spirit showing you a mirror of yourself. You need to focus on improving yourself and self worth. Disconnect from everyone. Dont feed your ego. Find peace without materials. Beware of socializing because it will distract you. I also suggest you sober up from weed and alcohol if you have not already. Spirits of loved ones and spirits of people you don't know are ALWAYS watching.
Winter_Solace (109 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-28)
I am not sure what you believe as far as spirituality. Sometimes, extreme hardship will bring out the spiritual connectivity in someone. It will affect them in ways they've never felt, or maybe used to feel at a very young age but stopped. For now, I suggest trying to think positive thoughts when these visions come on. Prayer will help as well. Do you remember anything from these visions? Even feelings?

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