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I Am Confused On What To Do


I have done research, but I barley have any answers. Some information about me: I have been in six different facilities, recently got out of one, my diagnosis is always the same, Major Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and psychotic features, like hearing and seeing things. Though a few years back, I went to a family friend, who is a medium, I told her about me seeing a black shadow with glowing white eyes, and hearing my pass grandmother's voice and an angel, I named Chris. She said to me and my mom, who took me to see her, "I think what you are seeing and hearing are related to the paranormal." Long story short, I was hyptnotised, the black shadow was a demon, and Chris was an angel to watch over me.

Present day, I tell my mom I hear people calling my name and last night I was talking to my grandmother. Needless to say I barley slept, so my mom was concerned. Now, we are Christian and we believe in the supernatural, so she takes my hands and reads my palms. She tells me to say to the voices "I hear you, but I will talk to you when I'm okay and can process." Then, she tells me, "I will explain everything when I can, but go talk to Mary,", the family friend. I do all she tells me, and, on separate occasions, they both tell me I'm a Empath, or a Clairsentience.

As I research different things, I find the four main psychic abilities. As I go down the list, the first three stand out to me, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Clairvoyance, I start with the signs and worked my way down through all of them. Now here are the questions: Why have I heard different voices, since I came home? How come when I ask them "Why me?" the answer with,"You know..." Finally, Why can't I understand something so simple?

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Emeraldblaze (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-05)
Okay so its actually extremely dangerous to see that, its a actual poltergeist that may or may not be attached to a object but for sure it wants YOU, if you want it to go away please for the love of Christ do as I tell you right now! Try to think back did you attend a yard sale right around the time you saw that THING cause let me tell you, if you are hearing a loved ones voice any time after 3 days after they pass its something trying to mimic them to pull you in to posses you. People after they die their would move on after about 3 days after they say their goodbyes, where they are judged, so I don't know who you think you heard but it was not your granny. I can come if you live near my area spokane and I can cleanse it for you
cause at this point its been around to long it may already be attached to you. I can help cause Throwing it away will not solve the issue its too attached if it already knows your grandmas voice you need some help. Message me I have a cleansing business. 😁
Winter_Solace (109 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-28)
Why you? Because you were created with a purpose. And you are loved by Our Creator very much. The gifts you have are not a curse. Even if they seem that way at first, it's only because you don't have control over them. It's good that your mom is accepting of the supernatural as well as Christianity on the same level. That is quite some support! What we're the demon and the angel, Chris, like? I'd like to hear more about them and your experiences.
Karrena (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-25)
I had a dream that my tooth came out & my mom told my dad. And over heard them saying its about the devil and someone close to me.

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