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Confused Clairvoyant


I have always been gifted for as long as I can remember. I see spirits and have battled Demons. I hear spirits and guides. I can sense another person's intentions good or bad. At times I know things that no amount of logic should allow me to know. I feel other people's feelings and sometimes well a lot of times know what they're thinking without being told. I dream of things to come but also dream of things that have already happened to other people that I don't know or was never told about. I know what the dead are wanting someone else to know and can see past occurrences when that info. Is given to me. It's like I see little short videos in my head. I feel other peoples feelings. But I have no control of any of this and really need a mentor.

I see shadows, ghosts and one time saw something I thought was my husband only to find he was not home. I literally heard the front door open and then close. I heard his footsteps and saw him walk right past my bedroom door going into the hallway. He was even wearing the jeans and orange shirt he had on that day. I called out saying 'don't you say hi anymore?' when he didn't answer I walked. Into the kitchen but he wasn't there. I searched the house but was totally alone. About 15 minutes later he pulled up in the driveway. I had been home alone the whole time.

So many more stories I could share. Like hearing my brother in law come in and almost instantly start snoring from bedroom. When I went to check the room was empty and no snores.

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