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Dazed And Confused


About 6 years ago I would be sitting in the kitchen at the table and I would hear plain as day someone say my name I would turn around only nobody was there I realized it was my brother Scott

who had passed away in a very very bad car accident but all he would say is my name MaryJo, and then he would be gone this happened for a long time. When my Grandma passed away I lost it I couldn't function my Grandma would come and visit me and all she would say to me is MaryJo everything is going to be alright then she would be gone eventually I got kicked out where I was living because of the horrific grief I had anxiety and panic attacks at the same time my head would start to hurt on the right side that's how I knew one was coming on they crippled me. One day when I was sitting in my van right in front of me was a group of people dressed from the 1920s they were having a picnic it was like I was watching a movie I started seeing evil spirits that was after I used the Ouija board to try to talk to my Grandma I had an exorcism done to me at my church I used to pray and worship the devil. No more evil spirits until I used the Ouija board again, so they were really working hard on me my ex-husband who passed away on February 22, 2018, I was sitting at my boyfriends parents house looking into the sliding glass door and saw a little boy behind me next to the refrigerator but when I turned around there was nobody there. February 7 of this year 2019 my boyfriend passed away the next day I was laying down on the bed and I felt someone touch my arm and say clear as day as if they were standing in front of me say "so your asleep huh" It was my boyfriend I'm absolutely positive I was in his truck with a blanket over me he touched my arm I felt it through the blanket then he started to talk to me it was like I was talking to somebody alive I could hear him that had happened a few times he comes and sits with me, and we talk. I believe that I have received 2 gifts over the past 6 or 7 years I could also feel my Grandma when she came and laid down behind and held me. So I'm pretty excited but kind of scared at the same time because when ever I talk to God he has always answered me with only one or two words but when I asked him what I was supposed to do he started talking to me in sentences. I was bewildered and excited at the same time for the journey that I'm getting ready for.

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