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So Confused. What Direction Should I Take?


I don't want to make this a huge wall of text but will give some history.

I saw my first spirit when I was a small child. Black shadow man at the foot of my bed, walked through the wall and through the yard. I tried waking my mom up in her room saying a man was in the house but she told me I dreamt it and go back to bed.

All through high school I had experiences from seeing visual silhouettes, hearing my name called, hearing noises, doors slamming etc. Some things were so blatant others in the house noticed too. Our landlord had told my mom before we moved in that the house had been blessed which looking back should had been a red flag.

After that house there was a large gap where nothing so "in your face" happened to me. I also felt like I've had a great gut instinct and "sensitive".

In my mid 20s I was living in a house with my husband and things got crazy. For lack of better words a "spiritual attack" was going on for months. From dreams, shadows, dog growling at empty corners, lights flickering when scripture quoted and mountain of other things. I initially wasn't being attacked but my husband. Once I realized what was going on I began fighting back and that's when it appeared to me. After that battle we ended up moving.

I put up a huge wall after that. Not paying attention to the little things. Out of the negative that has happened there has been positive and incidents that weren't frightening.

Now the little things are slipping through. I don't know what to do.

Last night I wasn't thinking about it but couldn't fall asleep. I ended up listening to a guided meditation to go to sleep. It worked wonderfully but I woke up at 4:30am from an intense "dream". I don't want to go into great detail but I was telling this being to leave someone alone. I demanded for it to give me its name. The name "icha" was given. Then there was a laugh... But not really menacing and he said "I'm here for you". I ran and then woke up.

I'm just so confused with what happening and what I should do.

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Gabbie (55 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-19)

All human beings share a connection to the spiritual, as it is part of our nature. Due to the fact, that nobody teaches us how to protect ourselves on that level, often, we find ourselves encountering the results of the co-existence with other energies and beings. A variety of them exists within the spiritual realm, each of which, holds a different purpose. Some are of darkness, some are of light, and some are neutral.

When it comes to us, as humans, our actions, words, thoughts, emotions, all translate to energy. Because of the way energies work and connect to one another, if we walk around without any protection on, then we risk "catching" foreign energies from places, objects or other people, or draw and allow beings who wish to harm us, get close and mess with us.

In a broader way of explanation, good connects to good, and bad connects to bad. So, a way to start working towards handling your situation and protecting yourself, is to make sure you keep your emotional and mental health in check, as well as make sure you cleanse your personal energy, and shield your spiritual and physical body, so that youcreate boundaries between you and all foreign energies. Same goes for your husband.

As you said, though, once the beings who wish to harm you realize you try and fight back they will also put their game on. But remember this: These beings, feast on fear,anger, lust, hatred,pain, sorrow. Anything negative that can kill your light and harm your soul, they do and cause. That is why know, that faith in Light, God and yourself, faith in your capacity to protect yourself, as well as self control, (namely, not allow yourself to be controlled by fear or anything else these beings surrounding you are causing you to feel and experience), are your greatest weapons, because when you stop being affected by what they do, you are no longer vulnerable, and they become powerless.

A ship only sinks by the water it allows in, not the water surrounding it.

If you feel the need to discuss further or seek furhter guidance, feel free to contact me.

Be safe

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