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Waking Up In A Green Aura/energy Happened 2 Times


Once when I was a kid around 7 or 8 years old I woke up in a ball of green energy and I passed it off as a dream. But recently it's happened once again the first time I couldn't move when it happened so I thought it was a Dream/Sleep Paralysis but... This time when it happened I know it wasn't a dream as I felt real pain let me describe these instances. When I was a kid I was scared of ghosts and believed in the paranormal/super natural and psychic abilities. However once I got older I stopped believing in them (Which was recently.) so I think This aura/energy was a sign that they are real? But I am not sure, and I'm also genuinely scared. I thought that on this website they might understand what it was them times and the first time may of just been a dream or Sleep Paralysis but I doubt this was coincidental as the feeling got realer and realer as the aura started to grow and deepen in color from a light green to a normal sort of green and I'm not sure if these are related but, I used to have green eyes, but now a brown is coming through the center and a blue coming in from round the sides and the edges of my iris darkening, are these instances connected in any way if it is please tell me in the comments if you know what this is because I'm worried that something might happen to me. If any of you think this is fake although I am one of the younger users of this site Aged 14 I assure you this was real and i'm genuinely confused as to what happened. Hoping someone knows:)

Thanks for reading this.


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